Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random stream of things...

I keep hearing how great the new Batman movie is, and how this is/was going to launch Heath Ledger. As horrible as it sounds, am I the only one that thinks there wouldn't be as much fuss if he were still alive?

A Foo Fighters song just came up..."Monkey Wrench". Every time I hear the Foo's I think what Dim once said regarding the band and how strong a guitar player/songwriter Dave Grohl is. He said something like "Imagine if Nirvana actually let him do more".

I was flipping around the channels the other night and passed a show about "exterminators". I think its a series. I sort of hate those shows on many levels. When I see homes over run with Mice my first reaction is "how does one let it get this bad?" Then, for the rest of the week I think my own home is overrun with every sort of vermin imaginable. Note to self..skip that show.

How the heck did we get to the "middle of July" already? I had a chat w/a co-worker about how I haven't been to the beach this year, and I am not sure we will get there. The little Marches are not ravenous for the beach so that doesn't push us to get our act together either.

I was thinking the other night, you know how people do those holiday newsletters about what is going on with them, and most of us sort of make fun of getting them....honestly..don't you really like them? I much that I was thinking of doing one this year.

In the last week I have gotten thru about a 15 magazine backlog. Sort of makes you wonder how you can let it get that bad, and then take 1.5 hrs to "get through" them all.

Littlest March was outside in his pedal car the other day and I was looking at my front walk. I was thinking it would be cool to have the time, money and skill to rip that out and lay down a nice brick walk. I got so caught up in how awesome it would look and that everyone that saw it will ask me if it was a pro that did it..and when I tell them I did it they will beg me to do a walk at their house and I can work outside, on my own terms for 8-10 months out of the year. Then I grabbed a bowl of chips and soda and fell back in to my comfort zone.

It is going to warm up the next few days..and I think I actually like the heat when it is on my terms. Meaning I hate it when it is hot and I am in the car, but the idea of t-shirts and shorts and moving slowly just to not break a sweat..something about that.

Chili Peppers on the radio now...remember when soccer moms had NO idea who they were?

Speaking of soccer moms..well, of soccer at least, I can't get little march to commit to another session of soccer. Littlest tells me he wants to, but he also tells me he is Peter Parker (aka Spiderman shhhh) before I drop the registration fee me and Peter err Littlest need to really talk.

I got bit by the Mtn Bike bug a few weeks back and its been a slow process to find time to get on the bike. I bought a decent warm weather shirt as well as a new pair of shorts..the tags are off of them, i just haven't gotten them dirty yet.

Just was reading on a box of Mini Wheats a banner that said "Clinically shown to improve kids' Attentiveness by nearly 20%. Good thing they said kids..because I got half way through reading it and lost interest.

That's enough...


At Thursday, July 17, 2008 8:28:00 AM , Blogger Jocular Schlemiel said...

Where to start?

The new Batman IS going to be ridonkulous. Have you read the reviews it is getting on Rotten Tomatoes? Heath Ledger, in my opinion, is underrated, although he hasn't been in much that can really exemplify his skills (except for BBM, which I haven't seen). Compared with Bale (American Pyscho, Rescue Dawn, The Prestige), Ledger hasn't really that a huge breakthrough performance (other than BBM, which again, I have yet to see).

When I eventually spit a couple out, I'll let them play whatever, until they decide on a sport they like. Little March doesn't seem interested in soccer. Let Littlest play...if he enjoys it, he enjoys it...otherwise it was 1 season's worth of fees and it ain't going to break the bank. It will however tucker your kid out, which is a plus in my book.

And for the record, although I'm sure you know this, the colder, the better. I hate the heat. Boston is not cold enough for me. There are too many months where I am in shorts, and not enough months where I am all bundled up with a knit hat, gloves, scarf and pea-coat. Remember, cold = HOCKEY, whose season needs to be increased by another 20 games because I love it so much. (10 of those games should be against Montreal)


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