Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dianogah - The Grant, Pawtucket RI

The Grant, Pawtucket Rhode Island
Monday, June 23, 2008
Support - Helms (and 2 others)

A few years ago now, a super hip co-worker of mine, who played bass far more often than I did asked one day if I had heard of the band Dianogah (pronounced Dye-ah-NO-gah). I had not and he handed me the cd called As Seen From Above.

Now, being a not so average bass player to begin with I was impressed right out of the gate since Dianogah were a trio, but it was two bass players and a drummer. Sure the bass had some rock bottom lows, but the melodic other bass played so well off each other it was infectious. I bought that cd, and each one as it came out. I seemed to be "late to the band wagon" and Dianogah seemed to not be touring so much due to other obligations. Then it happened..I saw they were coming to Boston, that's good..but then a show was added about 20 minutes from me in Pawtucket Rhode Island. The venue I had never heard of, it was called The Grant but I was going to get there no matter what.

The night of the show arrived and when I got in and paid my cover I went down some stairs to a sort of "common" area and a band was playing. If the room could hold 100 people I'd have been stunned, but the setting was perfect. I was going to see the guys up close and personal.

Jay Ryan and Jason Harvey are the bass players and Kip McCabe plays drums. On the latest record (not out till Sept) they had Stephanie Morris sing a little and plays some guitar. She was there as well and would factor in on a few songs. After waiting through three bands it was finally Dianogahs turn. The crowd had thinned out even more which was too bad, but all the more room.

Facing the band it was Jay, Kip, Stephanie (on occasion) then Jason. They opened the show with "At the Mercy of the Mustang" which is on the 2000 album "Battle Champions". It was, in a word, awesome. Kip hits the drums with a vengeance while Jason holds down this great quaking bass line...Jay on the other hand, is high up on his fret board playing sort of a more melodic high run of notes. Its sounds epic. The punch is there, something that stands out on the records.


The band who is touring for "Qhnnnl" (pronounced like Kennel) had the cd for sale (which I grabbed) so a few of the songs were very new, but they spent a lot of time on that record which is fine. They are working a little more with vocals now. Stephanie added a nice touch to the overall sound, but I am not sure if the room was not the best. I had a hard time hearing her, but had a hard time hearing most of the vocals, it could just be was not bad by any means.

Jay is a funny story teller, speaking of how the amps had sort of had issues in Boston the night before and how they tracked down an amp repair man that was actually a tech for Aerosmith.


The show was too short for my taste (inside 40 minutes) but it was well worth the wait. The guys (and Stephanie) were all very friendly and seemed genuine in their thanks for coming out to the show.

The full set list:

At The Mercy Of The Mustang
What Is Your Land Mass
A Breaks B
Es Posible Fuego
Maria Which Has Had Her Heart Completely Fucked Up
You Might Go Off

Check out the bands official site here. Check out some samples on their new and old stuff on their myspace page.

Read more on wiki

Be super hip, and grab the new cd "qhnnnl" before the masses via mail order here. (get something else too!)

Jay Ryan is a talented artist as well. Check out his site here or a quick and dirty way to see his work here

Jason designs books. Check it here

Thanks guys! It was a blast, hope it wont' take so long to see you again!



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