Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Shows in Two Days

For readers of this blog you may be a tad disappointed that these are short bursts, but I wanted to get em up sooner than later. I hope to return to both, with more thoughts and images etc..

Sunday night I went to see:

Yep, Stevie Wonder. I had great seats and due to time a few quick things...

- Stevie fronted 13 people in the band. He still has it, and has an amazing stage persona.

- Two Hours and twenty minutes, almost all non stop.

- Diverse crowd. I was up pretty close and we sort of did the whole "catholic mass" thing with all the stand up/sit down. We stood when he came out, but sat for his opening tune "As If you Read My Mind". When "Higher Ground" came up 2-3 songs later I was up. We'd still go up and down a few times, but come the tail end of the set we stayed up.

- Down side was the "contest winner" at the end of the show. See the boston.com link below. It sums it all up my thoughts.

One more image for now...

There is a longer review of the show on Boston.com.


Last night I headed down to The Grant in Pawtucket, Rhode Island to see the Chicago band Dianogah. The place was super small, and very intimate as you'd imagine but the picture. My back was up against the wall.

The guys signed my cd and were all around a great crew. I'll have more on this too...

I hope/plan to update more on both..this is the only day of the week I am in front of a computer (I hope) so this will have to do.



At Tuesday, June 24, 2008 4:28:00 PM , Blogger Travis Erwin said...

Now that is two extremes of the live music specter.


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