Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Going global.....

Have you ever read my blog and said "God I wish March had a bigger audience for his poorly written posts?" Yeah me either.

Anyhow, I have some kinda neat news.

I was on a message board when someone posted a link back to a site that had pictures and a review of a show I was at. I clicked over and checked it out. I had bookmarked the site as well. About 2-3 weeks ago now I was on the site and I saw a "contribute" button.

So, I took my chances and somehow impressed the founder of the site to let me write for them.

The site is Transform Online and I will be doing cd reviews. I have submitted two reviews that *should* be posted shortly. I did reviews on the new cd from Ryan Adams (Easy Tiger) and another band called The Dreadful Yawns.

My bio is on the site as well, but its pretty close to what you get if you read it here..but there you get to find out my real name (ohhh the hits that site is gonna get now!)

I am excited, its a non-paying gig (for now) but I get some cds and was told tickets for occasional shows may be in the cards.

Thanks to many of you for pushing me to write (as bad as I am at it).

Onward and upward right?!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Musings...

Weekend was not too bad. Mrs March has had "weeping" Poison Ivy for over a week now. She is heavily allergic and caught it while hiding in our bushes during a game of hide-and-go-seek w/the little marches. She has been miserable.

Saturday was to be "date night". My parents were going to take the kids for an overnight. They were excited and in the late afternoon we did the drop off.

We headed towards Providence and decided to start off lumbering around the
Providence Place Mall. For a few reasons, mostly due to the fact they have a Newbury Comics and I had a gift card since fathers day burning a hole in my pocket. I went "crazy" and grabbed a slew of things that I can't really get anywhere else. Mrs March and I then walked thru the mall with about a BILLION other people. We were not really shopping for anything but we did hit the apple store and i played with the iPhone for about 5 minutes and honestly...i freaking NEEEEEED one. They are slick. Trust me, I am going to wait for a bunch of reasons..mostly due to the fact I hardly use my phone as it is. Let em work out kinks, drop the price etc. If you see one, you'll dig it as well.

Another reason for hitting the mall was they had a few places to dine. Of course, as noted the billion other people had the same ideas. Also Providence has this thing called Waterfires which is nice, but I like going in the fall.

Am I crazy to not want to wait for a table longer than 30 minutes? Is ANY place worth that long of a wait? Needless to say we didn't eat at the mall, we headed away from the city and had a late dinner that didn't involve ordering chicken tenders the moment we sat down.

Sunday we read the paper and then went to get the kids. All in all it was a nice weekend. I capped it off with some Shark Week

Friday, July 27, 2007

I don't think you care - no, no, no

I added this weeks Forgotten Disc Friday if you want to check it out. The older mp3 hosting site I used is back up so you can stream stuff rather than do a full download of tracks if you so desire.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter books and books in general..

I wish I read more. I really do. I mean I read a lot of magazines and web pages, but a book seems to elude me. I wish I could figure out why I just can't get into books. My parents were(and are) big readers, Mrs March is. Little March is a crazy reader but me...I am not sure what the issue is. Honestly I think it has to do w/comprehension. I read and then re-read the same sentence again. I also read slowly. So slow in fact that when I read the DaVinci code I kept notes. I swear, like "who is this dude" and when I came back to the book 2-3 days later I could reflect back "Oh..he is the cop..good got it".

The latest Harry Potter craze is hard to escape. Monday 2 bloggers that I read often both posted about how they got the book and read it in under a day. The book is 700+ pages long! To me that is a marvel to read that much.

Fresh read it in about 24hrs but that was due to a party in between sleeping/getting ready etc. Rusty
Rusty hammered the book out straight in under 12 hrs.

Now I need to ask...is the book that good that you can't put it down? Perhaps I am not reading the right things but I have almost always been bored after a page or two of any book. It bugs me..it really does. I wonder if me "wanting" to like to read is part of the problem. I find the idea of book reviewers amazing as well. They read a book at a rapid pace, understand it, then write about it...usually in what 2-3 days? Cds you an listen to inside 1hr most times, a movie MIGHT be 3hrs but books take that dedication.

Both my kids like to read. Littlest March now likes to sit with certain books and enjoys them a great deal. They will ask for "one more" story most nights and I will cave and read to them. I want them to enjoy it. I go to a bookstore and I want to buy stuff left and right.

I don't feel its a burden to read I just wish I enjoyed it more and this latest Harry Potter craze might be more fuel to the fire to get me to read more.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Well isn't that a fine how do you do...

...or lack thereof.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed a trend and I wonder if it is just me. Its happened more via the phone than in person. If I were to call you saying the following how would you respond (in a business setting)

Hey (insert name here) This is March calling from _____. How are you?


As of late I do the following pleasantries and the response I get from "adults" is a simple "good". Not a "Good thanks, you?"

Part of me takes it as this person is a cold mother effer who just wants to get off the phone. You don't know me..so why are you asking me how I am?

I am not offended but that awkward silence you get of "good" is just so unsatisfying to me. I don't need to know (nor do I honestly care when it comes down to it) how this person REALLY is.

Perhaps I need to start being more forward.

David, this is March calling..I am not here to make friends or see how you are..this is a business call so lets get down to it. I don't care if you don't have a moment or if you are not ready..i called because I need answers...can you give them to me?

A simple "Fine thanks" will do. Extra points if I get a "fine thanks, you?"

Monday, July 23, 2007

Me? Spiderman?! and "Stuff I don't get"

not a lot going on..but feel like Mondays need a post.

I think I might have gotten a spider bite at some point last week. Down on my ankle I had a massive itch (that needed to be scratched) for a day or so. Then the other day I noticed kind of a scab there. (sorry this is kinda gross). During the middle part of last week (Wednesday) I was having dizzy spells, and felt just not right. So "not right" I actually skipped going to the Battles concert I had tickets to. Wednesday, I think that night I was in bed at 8:20. Thursday was kinda the same...just didn't feel right. Stuff has passed but I have this spot on my ankle and I am not sure I want to waste the time going to the MD. You know, make an appointment, wait 3+days..then wait 45 minutes beyond your appointment time time to be told that you just vigorously scratched a mosquito bite? Dunno. Once I start sticking to the wall and shooting webs I'll let you know. If it was a spider bite, it messed me up pretty good for a few days that is for sure.

File under: I don't get it? Perhaps its just me..but I do NOT get the appeal of Adam Sandler. The stupid voice he does, that dumb ass shit eating grin. I have no idea what it is. People look at me like I am nuts for not liking his movies. Cut the crap with "Oh opera man on SNL was great" whatever..get out of here. Then he tries the "serious" movies and they are hits too. Who is buying these movie tickets...you need to stop. His latest movie had some of the worst reviews this side of Glitter yet it was #1 at the box office.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Take these words and stick 'em in your head

I added this weeks Forgotten Disc Friday if you want to check it out. Still using a new server for mp3s so give it a shot. Looks like we are getting closer w/the older mp3 hosting site.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Unleash the rock!

As promised (or threatened) here is an mp3 of a song from our demo tape. The name of the band was "Life Fantastic" and I played bass and sang lead vocals.

My favorite part of this song is the final minute..if you listen I think you will agree.

So without further delay....

I Don't Care.

We were emo before emo was emo! We could reform for weddings and parties! hahaha.

Oh the demo was from 1991.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The future of rock and roll snubbed out too early?

10+ years ago now some friends and I had a band. We practiced each week and got our chops up good enough (for the time) to record a demo tape and play a few concerts at local Boston clubs. After a pretty good, and fun, few years the band dissolved so that the other (and frankly more talented members) could go do other things.

Over the last few years the other three guys played in various bands, to varying levels of "success". Each is now married, with children like me.

A few months ago I dug out our demo tape. Yes I said tape. I put it on and smiled a big old smile. Was it perfect, no. Did it sound good..sure. Was I all that 'good' a musician? Not really no. After playing the six song demo I realized I was lucky to have at least this tape. I stopped here making music, while as mentioned the other guys have done cds and the like.

Little March came in to the room and asked what I was listening. I told her that I was singing this song and played the bass on it. She was enthralled. "that is you?" "Wow this is really good!" It was cute for sure, and no I didn't prompt her to say that. It was fun to listen to and share with her.

So this past weekend the guitar player from the band handed me a cd copy of our fantastic debut ep.

I listened once more and have played it a few times, each time smiling all the while looking towards the floor in some embarrassment. I had a LOT of fun and thank the guys for spending a few fun years with me. Tomorrow...I'll post a song that I sang lead vocals on.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Play your own version of Plinko right

First game for me..140. But its early....

Monday, July 16, 2007

BBQ, beer, cat barf and fishing.....

This past weekend Mrs March and I hosted a "smaller" BBQ for some long time friends, old co-workers etc. When we did the guest list we ended up with there possibly being 14+ kids under 8. Little March, being 8, was probably going to be the oldest kid at the party.

I kept my eye on the weather, since of course that # of kids meant we HAD to be outside. We have a smaller inflatable pool, sandbox, swing set and fenced in yard so we'd be good..as long as the weather was good.

Thank god it was.

The kids were good..really good. Even though they were not over 8 years old, and 2 were still not walking, the kids are pretty close in age. They played well and for the first time in ages, as most parents agreed, they could sit on the patio and sort of police their kids from a distance. Barring a few issues with sharing, or running in to one other while playing tag the kids were TERRIFIC!

The hardest part of the BBQ was what to buy for booze. None of our friends have issues with drinking. Meaning, all are social drinkers, BUT all have kids so they needed to drive and be responsible otherwise. I went to the store to get booze and figured I'd play it safe..but offer some diversity. I had a few left overs from the 4th..but the booze list looked like this:

1 - 12 pack Corona
1 - 6 pack Bud
1 - 6 pack Newcastle Brown Ale
1 - 6 pack mikes hard lemonade
4 Rolling Rock
5 Mic. Light
2 Red Stripe
3 Guinness Pub Draft Cans
6 or so Mikes Cranberry whatever....

When I was cleaning up...2 Guinness cans and 5 Mikes left..that's IT!
Who invited the drunks??!

Kidding..everyone seemed fine and seemed to have had a good time.

During the party a buddy of mine that I have known for 30+ years started talking to Mrs.March about me going ocean fishing Sunday. Next thing I know across the patio I get this:

Big Tall Steve (we had a few friends named Steve when Mrs.March and I were dating so it was easier to say "Steve the big tall one..that rolled to Big Tall Steve etc") - Hey march..you are all set for tomorrow.
me - set for what?
Big Tall - fishing
Easy(friend#2) - AWWW YEAH!
Me - really?
Big Tall - yeah your wife is cool with it.
Me - umm okay what is the story?
Easy - yeah..when do we leave?
Big Tall - meet me at Target tomorrow at 5am
Easy/March collectively - whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt???!!!
Big Tall - ***insert boat talk/fishing lingo/tides etc***
Me - ummm really..i need to be up that early?
Easy - I'll pick you up at 4:30.

HO-LEE-CRAP what did I say yes to?!

The party ends (not late mind you, again kids...) but somehow Little March sweet talks Mrs March in to sitting outside. At 10:30 we decide its late enough and head in. Little March is "NOT TIRED" but I need to get to bed. She can read and put her light out "whenever".

Mrs March turns on her bed light and wants to read. Its now 11ish..i need to sleep for this big trip. We get talking about the party...11:30 I think the light goes out.

midnight..i am awake..my calves hurt. damn crocs no support.

12:15 - Littlest March continues his "every other night nightmare" scream.
12:30 - still awake..calves hurt..should I get up and take something?
12:45..still awake..I begin the "if I fall asleep RIGHT NOW I'll have 3hrs and change of sleep"
12:55 - nightmare scream again...go comfort him.
1:20 am. awoken to (hey I fell asleep!) the sound of our cat retching...not on the floor...but ON OUR BED!!!! Mrs March and I sit up..I grab the trash can to get the cat to barf there....

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHUCKKKKKKKKKKK the cat barfs a massive..massive stinky brownish liquid on our bed.

Mrs March says "I'll deal...(she knows I have had issues with this cat..but the cat has been in her life longer than I have). I head to the couch.

I doze...1:40ish..Mrs March said "the bed is clean if you want to come back up".

I get in bed..and the clock rolls past 2am. Again I do the "If I fall asleep right now I can have 2 hrs of sleep".

The alarm goes off at 4:15am. I get my stuff together and Easy arrives on cue in my driveway.

We meet Big Tall and head towards cape cod to launch the boat. I am surprisingly alert and don't feel too tired which is amazing.

We get the boat in the water which is a trick since low tide is looming but its a very low tide due to the moon. The 2 boats before us got "stuck" for a few minutes until they got out. With some quick work Big Tall has the "Sea Saw" in the water. We load up and off we go.

I am impressed with his skill and knowledge of the water/boat. We shoot out to the "Fingers" which is 2-3 miles off shore. Its windy and the waves are big (hell they are all big to a land lubber..or is it land lover??) like me. He suggests we put on life jackets just in case.

We get a few quick lessons and we start fishing. No luck.

We then go trolling, which is where you cast..let the bait go out 50 or so yards behind the boat (away from the engine noise) and just "wait".

Easy got a strike first...he lost it about 40 yards behind the boat. It was awesome. I have never been salt water fishing and a big fish to me might be a 2-3 pound bass. This bad boy on the hook launches out of the water..crashes down and spits the hook. expletives abound..but we are all jazzed.

My turn..pretty much the same for me. I see mine jump and Big Tall says "You got a real big one!" (thank you). My arms are killing me..whoa this is a fight...but one huge jump and POP out comes the hook again. DAMN IT!!

We get frustrated but a little while passes and I get another hit. This one works out better. I land a 27 inch Bluefish. Big Tall decides its a keeper so he puts it in the cooler.

Easy snags a 25 inch bluefish about 10 minutes later. We decide to head back towards shore, do a little more fishing then head home.

I have no luck but Easy snags 2 more smallish bass. They are big to me..but legally they need to be something like 32 inches to "keep".

We had enough and headed back to shore. Load up..off we go.

I suddenly hit a wall. I want to sleep..badly. We get some grub and that helps.

I got home about 230pm and the kids ask about my trip. I wish I had a picture (there is a horrible cell phone video of me reeling the fish in). I could have kept the fish to eat but I am not a fish person, nor is Mrs or the kids. So Easy and the Captain kept my fish for dinner.

Good times indeed.

Bed time for me last night...8:20pm. Man I needed that!

I have been tagged...

For the first time I think *ever* I got tagged. Thanks to Coffee Chatter for the honor.


Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of the post list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

Seven things about me.

1. I can't figure out how to use chopsticks.
2. If I did not have to drive, I probably wouldn't. I just dislike it.
3. I get "worked up" over little things. A dripping facuet will be on my mind for days/weeks until its fixed. It doesn't consume me, but I waste far to much time on the little things.
4. Cinnamon rolls just might be the best smelling thing in the world.
5. If put on the spot I could probably recite the lyrics to 90% of the Wiggles songs, the dialogoe to High School Musical, or better yet Better off Dead.
6. Hockey is the best sport to play and watch. Period.
7. I was on the golf team in highschool. I was not too bad and if I had the time to play nowdays I might be considered an above average, to excellent golfer.

Ummm I am supposed to tag 7 more people so lets see.

Okay ummmm

Sorry!..but have fun.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Snug as a thug in a mugshot pose

I added this weeks Forgotten Disc Friday if you want to check it out. Still using a new server for mp3s so give it a shot. Also the Kravitz cd gets the "spoken word" version on the podcast version of FDF.

Hope you'll stop on over to one/both/all.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

a little cleaning..

I am cleaning up some of my blogroller links.

now, before you get all upset and no longer see your blog over there please note that I subscribe via Bloglines to more blogs that have been listed. Check out bloglines its very cool and will update you as to when stuff is updated. Rather than clicking down the list of links only to see blogs have not been updated since, well, a while ago, you get the fresh content.

Some remain as links as well since they update a lot but if you REALLY are wondering if you are included in who I subscribe to..welllllll

* Annoyed (0) (0)
* Annoyed podcast (0) (0)
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Need some linkage or for me to subscribe..fire away.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not that it matters now..but..

If you were looking for some active mp3s for the most recent Forgotten Disc Friday on Lenny Kravitz, there are some. I am trying out a new host etc.

I hope the old one comes back up (as I pay for that one) soon.

Anyhow, if you care, there is the link.

Might I suggest..

Over the last few weeks Mrs March and I have been watching Brotherhood Season 1 on DVD. The reason we started is actually pretty neat, they have been shooting scenes about 1-2 miles from our house.

Mrs March was getting diverted on her way to/from work so she asked one day and was told they were shooting. So, we added to the good old Netflix queue and said "hey if it rots we send the dvd back and say no thanks to the other two".

Last night we watched the second to last episode of season one and had we not completed it close to 11pm I bet we would have watched the final episode.

It is SO very good.

I have read some reviews and folks compare it to the Sopranos and say its better. I have not seen a single episode so I can't tell you honestly.

Basic synopsis one brother not so good (Irish mob guy), other brother has a higher profile job in the Providence government. Dirty money, gun play, infidelity, drugs, it has it all.

Tempted to sign up for Showtime when season 2 starts this fall.....

Monday, July 9, 2007

Little March gives it to me straight.....

A few days ago,if memory serves me correct we were still on vacation, when little march looked at me sitting on the hotel bed flipping through one of my ten magazines I brought because, hey vacation! I can catch up on some reading! She looks at me...and says...

Dad..you are nothing but a "Daddy Couch Potato!

She said it more jokingly, probably not sure what it really meant but at least in my eyes (and by definition) I am not a couch potato. Do I like some couch/tube time..heck yeah but I am one of those parents that is all too active in what their kids are doing. If I am not drawing miles of chalk roads in the driveway/street for littlest march I am drawing, coloring, playing or what have you with little march. I wouldn't change a thing honestly..but it was funny she called me that. Guess i need to step it up some. Anyone want to play 18 this weekend?? or fish for 6 or 7 hours??

On to the other stuff.

Saturday my brother (and his wife) had a graduation party for their oldest two. One graduated college, the other high school (my brothers step kids we are not THAT old!). They rented a hall, had great food (oh dear lord the Chicken Marsala was unreal) and a DJ. Little March (and littlest) do like to dance..little march more so. Over the last few years she has learned most of the line dances (Cotton Eyed Joe, Macarena, Cha-Cha Slide etc). Great songs they are not, but they do get a fair number of people up on the dance floor. As the evening progressed the music turned towards what the "guest of honors" tastes were..which is fine.

Suddenly I became my father/parents.

What is this crap? In speaking w/Mrs March as well as Mr+Mrs Psacake it was "did the last song end?" The kids of course don't even dance (heck not that my box/side stepping moves are all that slick) but these kids basically stand on each others feet, rock back and forth, and then wave hands in the air (like they just don't care) and yell "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". The songs also are of some length they seem to make Stairway to Heaven seem short. All I remember was we were supposed to yell "Skeet Skeet Skeet" at one point.

Little March and I sat at the table and had some water to cool down after our FIERCE YMCA and Macarena. Little wanted to dance with the older kids but she called it "Teenagers music".

They played the Cha Cha Slide again (hey these are 18-22 year olds..showing up on time..pffff). SO the dance floor was pretty full and I tried my moves out on that..it went pretty well. I still can't bring myself to do the Electric Slide though.

This old couch potato got whipped in to mashed this weekend.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Tortoise - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA July 5, 2007 early show

Remis Auditorium,Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA
Thursday July 5, 2007 (early show)

In the span of less than a week I was able to check off two of the "bands I needed to see" list (where is this list you ask? well I'll make one and post it). Last week I finally saw Wilco and last night it was Tortoise.

Myself and a few hundred aging hipsters that all must have to shuffle kids off to day care in the morning did the "early show". The later show was at 9:30. Anyhow, with our courier bags in hand, khaki pants and quick change into an old pair of chuck taylors (black - low) we eased our way in to the 380 capacity auditorium. The show was scheduled to be in the courtyard but was moved inside due to the looming weather. So I got in one line to have the ticket torn and then I shuffled in to the auditorium to catch indie rock icons, and Chicago natives (hey wilco is from Chicago as well!) Tortoise perform.

The early show was set to start at 630 and just a few minutes later the lights dimmed and the band took the stage. Now I could lay it out and say who played what and where but no member played just a single instrument over the course of the show. Facing the stage you had two smaller drum kits facing each other. To the back and, almost between the drum kits was a set of keyboards. To the left was guitar/bass as well as some cool vibraphone looking thing (I'll get to it) then over to the right in the back another guitar/bass rig and then the big vibraphone in front of that.

With various colorful backdrops projected on the screen the band would have enough visuals to cover anything they might want to perform from their now 13+ year musical career. As noted, nobody played the same thing instrument wise for more than a song. One of the drummers, John Herndon would go from the drums, to the vibes then back again. Jeff Parker would play guitar, bass, vibes rotating mostly guitar and bass with Doug McCombs. Dan Bitney was also all over but he did most of the keyboards and sequencing stuff while, some could argue "leader of the band" John McEntire again ran the gamut of instruments. That cool vibraphone thing I mentioned looked like a set of electric vibes and when the mallets struck the pads a small "led" light would glow for a split second. I was sitting up a few rows so I could look down on this and it had a cool effect.

The audience was very well behaved. You could hear a pin drop between songs or during crucial musical sequences. The band had a very full sound (as you'd expect with five members all chugging along). It was a visual and audio experience on many levels but then.....FIFTY FIVE minutes in the band leaves the stage. The audience does the obligatory niceties of clapping,whistling and whoop whooping and the band does come back out again. As they prepare for the encore the audience shouts out some requests to which John Herndon replies "keep them coming!". The band then does two more songs and with a casual wave they walk off again. 1 hour and 7 minutes.

Band members came across as grateful for the cheering and even said "thanks for coming so early". I realize there was a second show and you need to empty the theater out but it was hardly a rowdy crowd.

Barring the length of the set the music, the visuals and the setting were all great. I have no idea if the 9:30 set was different or longer. When the show first started I fell in love immediately and I wanted to stick around to see if I could get a ticket for the later show...but when I was walking out I was a little sour on the brevity.

Overall, musically it was terrific and I'll see them again..hopefully for a little longer set. I ran my smaller mics/recording gear as I was not sure of security having never been to the venue. So far the DAT sounds great as I was about 12 rows back dead center and the audience was nice and quiet.

As a side note:
Tortoise is currently working on a new record but late last year released an extensive box set.

Official site
myspace page

thanks for reading


FDF no update this week..

Due to my short week, and the fact that my media hosting site is STILL down there is no update to
Forgotten Disc Friday. I know it i show each and every one of you start your weekend off..so I apologize.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yeah I am alive...

Well I am alive. The rest of the family and I went out of town for a few days. The weather was a tad cool for water parks but that also kept the masses away. All in all a great time and the 2 little marches had french fries with lunch/dinner just about every night (heck toss in French Toast Sticks one morning to boot).

One of the best parts of vacation is that Friday when I logged off my computer that was it. I had not logged on to a computer/on line etc until today. Caught up on the blogs and the music news sites I like and now I think I need to "apply myself" for a little bit.

Hope the 4th was good and you still have all your fingers.

Finally for today.

Reason 1242150990129012 why the Office is the best show on tv