Monday, October 20, 2014

Caspian - Larcom Theater, Beverly MA October 18, 2014 10th Anniversary Show, set list

Larcom Theater, Beverly MA
Saturday, October 18, 2014

A cool Saturday evening in an old classic theater in the bands hometown, Caspian celebrated 10 years. A lot has changed for the band over these ten years. The band has remained largely intact since its inception and their dedication to their art was evident in this two hour show.

Spread over two sets, the first which was just about 55 minutes, started with Cigarette. A slow building track it was the way to start up the evening. The band then launched in to Quovis/Further Up/Further In (three songs in a row that fans have come to call “Trio”). Energy was very high and other than an occasional hand wave from guitarist Phil Jamieson the band stayed on task.

The audience hung on each note. The seated venue, the band would note, is the first show they had ever done with reserved seating. Still the front of the stage area found fans on the floor leaning up against and off to the sides as well there was ample standing room. My view from the front row of the balcony was stunning and the sound really filled the room. It was top notch.

At the end of the first set, Jamieson was able to greet the audience and thank us for coming. He was thrilled how it was going and the band was going to take a 10 minute break.

Set two began with the quiet of “Concrescence”. Members sitting down and quietly strumming guitars. A solid pick for a set opener as the usual set closer “Sycamore” followed. The build was stunning and fans are always used to this being the end, but it was so early in the set we knew we had more. “Gone in Bloom and Bough” was next and the 12+ minute track just perfect. The slow build, but with monstrous riffs and flashing lights pulled you right in. The set continued on and ended with a rowdy version of “Fire Made Flesh”. With that the band headed towards backstage.

The encore took a bit to get rolling as the band brought out a string section and some things needed to be moved around the stage. At this time Jamieson took to the mic to thank the theater, the fans etc. Everything you'd expect, but the genuine feel and appreciation was wonderful. The band played “Hymn for the Greatest Generation”. Dedicated to former bassist Chris Friedrich who passed away suddenly a year ago. The band noted they don't play the song often, as it is difficult to pull off live, but it was stunningly beautiful.

The band did one more song, a new song. Part of me wanted something we were all used to, but the great part is the band was there to celebrate 10 years, but also show they were not done. That as a prefect way to end it all.

Fans headed to the street and you'd be hard pressed to not hear “wow's” or notes of assurance to others how great the show was.

The full set list.
Further Up
Further In
Ghosts of the Garden City
set break
Gone In Bloom and Bough
Halls of the Summer
Fire Made Flesh
E: Hymn for the Greatest Generation*
Unknown New Song
* w/strings

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The new U2 Album...

So today in the US the newest U2 record "Songs of Innocence" is released on "physical media" vs the direct to iTunes download a month or so ago.

Being a long time fan I accepted the download just fine and listened a few times but wasn't blown away.  Could have been time, circumstance etc..who knows.


Since 1984 I've bought every single new U2 release the day it came out.  That rolls back to Unforgettable Fire (I recall the ride to the mall with my older brother) to Joshua Tree (walking from school to the local shop, getting it on tape vs my typical vinyl purchase at the time (always put the record on a maxell XLII 90.)
It was always an "event" for me.

This time, I am not sure.

I type this while still at work, and I can pass a record shop on the way home.....

The ride home will tell.