Friday, October 31, 2008

The shining eye will never cry

A new installment of Forgotten Disc Friday is now up.

Another 80's band! These seem to be the more popular ones I do. Anyway, you'll remember this band, and the songs right away I'd assume.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Humor me if you will....

Why is "THIS" election the most important ever..or of my lifetime? I am being serious. What makes this one SO much more important than the past elections? I can't tell what the future will be but what if there is something more important going on?

Okay, I can see if Obama wins we get the first "African American" President.that is important and historic. If McCain wins we get our first ever female Vice President. Again, historic.

Mind you I am not slagging either party as I don't have the skill set to champion for either side, and I do plan to do my civic duty come the day....I just wonder, again, why THIS is the most important election.

*hustles in to corner with dunce cap on*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In the News...

The 700 Billion that is/was proposed to bail out Wall Street is about 175 billion more than school districts, states, and the federal government spent last year on all forms of public education. -Associated Press

John and Cindy McCain own 13 cars. The Obamas have one. The McCains do have a Jeep that is older than Barack though. - Newsweek.

The glasses that Sarah Palin wear will set you back $375.00, if you can find them. - Wall St Journal

With a new worth of 57 Billion dollars, Bill Gates remains the richest man in America, despite losing this for a few months earlier this year to Warren Buffett. Eighty Nine (89) U.S. Billionaires were too "poor" to make the Forbes 400 Richest Americans list. Forbes

A woman in Chicago bought a house is Saginaw Michigan on ebay for $1.75.

The number of illegal immigrants entering the country has declined from an average of 800,000 to about 500,000, due to the sluggish economy amongst other things. The Washington Post

70 million people watched the vice presidential debates, the most in history. Chicago Sun Times

Almost 29 million Americans participated in food stamps in July, the highest since November of 2005, when it went to a high after hurricanes Rita and Katrina. - Washington Post.

A Pennsylvania mother has won the right to carry a gun to her 5 year olds soccer games.

36% of Atlanta police academy graduates have criminal records.

A radio station in St.Louis began to play all Christmas music in October.

The number of women voters has exceeded that of men in every presidential election since 1964. This year, women may cast about 9 million more votes than men.

In a recent survey of 25,000 high school students found that 90% of them copied test answers. - The New York Times

With the financial system crashing Home Depot reports that sales of safes have seen double digit sales growth in the last few weeks. Honeywell, a large maker of home safes, reports sales are up 50%. The Boston Globe.

Bands whose songs are featured in Guitar Hero III can expect a 300% sales increase in their on line music sales. Aerosmith has made more in licensing income from Guitar Hero than for sales of any of their albums. The Economist.

The national debt hit the $10.2 trillion mark, a number so big that hte National Debt Clock near New Yorks Time Square had to eliminate the dollar sign to make room fro an extra digit. The debt is approaching the size of the entire U.S. economy.

In the 34 states that will allow early voting this year, close to 30% of the votes will be cast before November 4th.

Joe Biden has done over 100 press interviews since he was tapped to be the Vice President in August. Sara Palin, has done less than 10.

Teenagers now send an average of 1,742 text messages a month..more than 50 per day. 42% polled said they could "text blindfolded". New York Times


Monday, October 27, 2008

A trip..and trip down memory lane

A few weeks ago I posted how I had been horribly nostalgic as of late. So, a few days after that post I did something about it. I called my dad and asked if he'd take me down to Connecticut, to the area he grew up and just "show me around". Sort of an odd request my father thought but he was game.

The day arrived and I put the kids on the bus and off we went. It was just my dad and I so we talked about everything. Sports to traffic to the sky. It didn't matter we were on the open road.

My grandfather passed away when I was one. I don't remember a thing about him, and my grandmother (who remarried) passed away in 1986 when I was about 15 1/2 years old. That was the last time I was in the area. My grandfather was a tobacco farmer. He grew the wrappers for Dutch Masters Cigars and over the course of the day my father would tell stories of "working the fields". Mind you, my father couldn't "work" for his father until a certain age, but he could work for other farmers.

We drove past his school, and his brother and sisters school. Past the school my grandmother taught at. Sort of all "boring" stuff to some, but it was neat. He'd tell me where they'd skate, or swim. Where dances were held..and yes..where a still was to make moonshine.

We didn't stop to get out much. I am not a "camera" person much, but there were a few moments I wished I had one. The first was when we pulled into a field and there was 3-4 tobacco sheds that were a little run down. There was graffiti on the side and it read things like "INXS" and "U2", but next to this was something like "Tom 88!" That was some old work!

We headed towards the house my grandmother moved in to (the one I knew far better). It had not changed much, and I remember the small store a few houses down and a the church at the intersection. We went to the cemetery and cleaned up their grave site. The odd part, backed up to the cemetery...a tobacco field.

We ate lunch and headed to see his Uncle. We just "dropped in" and barring being very hard of hearing his Uncle was very excited for us to drop in. He still lives in the same house he grew up and the house is well kept on 15 acres.

After we chatted some he took us out to a tobacco shed on his property. He is renting it out and it was "almost time" for the tobacco to come down so we timed it right.

We went to the shed and opened the door. Tobacco hanging from the rafters as far as you can see. The barn was probably 80 feel long and a good 40 feet high that the peak. It looked like the inside of a cave with the tobacco hanging down. Here is at least the second time I wish I had a camera. My dad and his uncle went on and on about how to cut, hang, dry, name it. I am not sure my dad was happy or sad to talk about it..but it was amazing to hear how they did it all. Cut here, hand it this way, hang 6 at a time etc. The amazing thing, is a lot of it is still done by hand.

His uncle took us to another barn that had a 1938 tractor inside, that still ran. It was a like a farmers museum. It was neat and surprisingly clean and in order for its age. After walking around some more it was time to hit the road.

We drove the back way (basically we did a big loop) to the highway and headed home.

It was a blast. 100% worth "bagging work" for. I am not sure what my dad thought. He commented a few times (in a kidding tone) it was odd to be back and things had changed (of course). He lived in a few houses and one was "gone" too so I am not sure how that hit him.

I talked to my mom the other night and asked if he said anything about it. She said barring saying what we did he didn't elaborate.

I said, well if it comes up again, tell him I loved it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I would never want to take you with me unless you're open and trust my hand

A new installment of Forgotten Disc Friday is now up.

After a week off I dusted this gem off. This record really has held up well. I strongly encourage you to check out the downloads. Some of you may remember this band, others may find a new band to check out.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aww yeah..

Guess getting Showtime might be in cards...

Dexter renewed for two more seasons

i dun gone and did it...

I am on facebook now. If you read this blog there is nothing really wild about me you'd learn there.

look me up if you desire..oh for my real name shoot me an email at laokas at yahoo dot com.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Feeling like the image above for today (and the bulk of this week)..yuk

Friday, October 17, 2008

there are reasons for everything right?

forgotten disc friday was overlooked this weekend for good reason. I will elaborate later

no..not a new facebook account..but I got more comments on that silly post than I think I have ever gotten on the blog. I think a fb account is looming though..

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Facebook or not?

I am torn..i haven't signed up for any "social networking sites" ever. My 20th High School Reunion is coming and I guess there is all sorts of activity on Facebook. I am really torn. I sorta don't want to..but i want to.

You are talking to a person that has never sent a text message either.

Then again, I was the first of my friends to have HDTV an iPod et I an early adapter for some things....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So this past weekend, we were lucky enough to have a three day weekend. So, we packed the kids up and headed 'north'. To New Hampshire. Us and 8287218128128582010 and 2 other people. People LOVE to go look at the leaves...and drive..real slow to do so.

We headed up Saturday and were too early to check in to the hotel so we went further up the road towards Mount Washington and stopped at Wildcat. They have this very cool Zipline called the ZipRider. Little March and I did it. (here is a youtube clip of what it is like) Oh..not shot by me either.

Littlest March was too little to do that so we took the gondola to the summit and walked around some. To be one with nature as they say.

Saturday was the return to Storyland. It was okay, but both kids are almost just too old for it. Sure we did most of the rides, but the lines were so damn never seemed like that before (see your opening lines there Mr. March). I didn't have the camera and Mrs March would not let me take a picture of my favoite signs of the weekend. In on of the attractions there are these foam balls that shoot all over the place. Its really fun. Well, you can get canvas bags to help you collect the balls easier..there is a sign near the entrance where the bags are kept.

"Place Ball Bags Here"

Awesome. Mrs March wouldn't have over the camera. I dare not search for it..but trust me..its there.

Also, at this "mostly geared towards kids under 5" theme park was a t-shirt that had the old "shocker" hand sign and it read

"Shocker her...with your Shocker".*

Thank gods my kids didn't ask. Seriously? Is this the ONLY t-shirt you had?
*again, look this up on your own if you are not sure..

Monday we puttered around and sat in traffic. What a weekend.

Oh..and I celebrated my 12th Wedding Anniversary. Thanks for putting up with me Mrs. March..even though you called me a grumpy old man when I wanted to hit the road at 10:30 am yesterday.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Something kept me still, and wide awake.

Here, on the outskirts of Boston, we are about to embark on a long holiday weekend. For those in Canada..happy thanksgiving weekend to you.

What better way to ease in to a long weekend? Glad you asked. A new installment of Forgotten Disc Friday.

This is the debut release from the band. Ignored at the time the bands fan base has pointed this out as being their "masterpiece". You decide.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008 is TIME!

Tonight, the Providence Bruins begin their season.

Opening night is so many things. Being hopefully optimistic always is first. "This is our year" and all that jazz. Still...the sights...the sounds..the smells.

I am ready. Tomorrow the Boston Bruins start it all up as well. Good times, good times indeed.

Monday, October 6, 2008

In the News...

Internet analysts are reporting that social networking sites (Facebook et all) have become more popular than surfing for porn. It is said that "young users are spending more time on the network sites leaving little extra time for porn".

More than 20 state lotteries are reporting an uptick in sales...mostly due to those being hopeful during these "tough times". The New York Times.

The public filed 22 million Freedom of Information requests with the government last year...only 1 in 3 was granted. - US News and World Report

About 80% of the marijuana grown outdoors in the USA is on state and federal land. - USA Today

Saudi Arabia is the only remaining country in the world in which all women, both natives and foreigners, are not allowed to drive - Associated Press

The Nevada Highway patrol began fitting Emergency vehicles with "the Rumbler", a siren that omits low frequency vibrations as well as the audible sound. Officials were reporting that drivers play their music so loud in their cars it was too hard to hear the normal sirens.

A Lebanese woman working in a restaurant kitchen opened an oyster and found a cluster of 26 pearls.

74% of Americans believe movie tickets are too expensive, but 55% still went to see at least one movie this summer. 28% of moviegoers said they sneak snacks into the theater to save money. Rasmussen.

Of pregnancies in which Down syndrome is diagnosed in the womb, 90% end in abortion. Wall St. Journal.

While "change" was the most used word by speakers during the Democratic National Convention the Republicans' top word was "taxes" - mentioned, on average 46 times per every 25,000 words. Followed by Business (38). The was a tie for third...."God" and "Change". New York Times.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Your Purple Prose just gives you away

So fresh its organic... A new installment of Forgotten Disc Friday.

After putting the cd away from last weeks Forgotten Disc Friday entry I didn't venture too far in the alphabet.

Thanks as always for reading, or at least clicking over and of course thanks for the support!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This is getting scary...

I am speaking of the looming U.S. Presidential Elections.

Today on Howard Stern they did an "on the street" segment.

The segment had a staffer going out and asking people who they wanted to vote for and then, based off the answer the staffer would bait the person with the other candidates idea(s). It was pretty eye opening.

Example (not verbatim but close to get the point across)

Staffer - Excuse me, who are you voting for?
Person on street - Obama.
Staffer - Okay, it because he wants to keep the troops on the ground in Iraq?
Person - Yeah, we need to stay till we get that job done.

Now granted..the idea of these types of "gimmicks" might have been 30+ people in the making, but still...they played 4-5 segments and all of them were the polar opposite of their candidates presidential vision.

Oh well.