Monday, March 30, 2009

Stuff for you...

Randomness from the last few days.

I decided to join twitter. Just what i need, another time waster..but i feel like I might be missing out on something. Stalk me if you so desire here.

Saw an accident this weekend in a parking lot. Come to find out the woman was having a seizure and she hit a parked car..saw the whole thing. There were a few people around so we parked and walked over to see if they needed help. The woman was in bad shape, seizing etc and there were two kids in the car. It was scary and our two kids had a LOT of questions.

Pearl Jam re-issued their debut "Ten" in many various packages. I just got the two disc set. Disc 2 is a "redux" version with new "remixes". Its actually a pretty good listen. These are songs many of us have heard a million times but there appears to be a breath of fresh air to it all at the same time.

Bruins won back to back games..we need that.

Started watching Amores Perros
this weekend. I had added it to my netflix queue a while ago after seeing some other works from the director. I was ironing when watching it (a challenge of a subtitled movie for sure). Its decent, but a hard watch. So far the basis has a LOT to do with dog fighting and it is pretty intense. There are three story lines that are supposed to come together..perhaps I'll complete it tonight, and if I am confused I can read about it on Wiki.

Finished my regular season of NHL 09 on the Playstation3..and I was the top scorer. I ended the regular season with 205 points. On to the playoffs!!

Finally..I read this a few weeks ago and found it just amazing....

The Space Shuttle computer runs on just 1MB of Ram. It controls the launch sequence. It is 0.0005% as powerful as and XBOX 360.

Friday, March 27, 2009

..and guns. but there's nothing I'm gonna do about it

One week in to spring and the weather hasn't change "that" much. Guess we can grow in to it right?

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

Some of you may wonder "who?", but I think once you read (or sample a track) you'll be "ohh yeah'ing" before you know it.

Thanks to all for reading.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Something to post...

I got U2 tickets very easily today in the pre-sale. My wallet will take the hit..and I need to wait close to 6 months for the show..but as it approaches it will all be worth it.

Bruins clinched a playoff berth..good news.

Providence beat the best team in their division on Sunday 5-3. I almost didn't go, but went and was glad I did.

I need an Animal Collective ticket for Boston. Lemme know if you have and extra.

I am full up on the March to the Sea prize packs..gotta get them in order and the lucky few (and I mean few) keep your eyes on the mailboxes.

More later...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Blew out your pilot light..and made a wish.

Happy First Day of Spring!

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

I think many of you will like and enjoy this weeks pick.

Thanks to all for reading.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heads up...

There a few slots still open for the March to the Sea prize pack.

Details here.

Sadly realizing there are not many readers at ALL of this blog.

*sigh* thing.. few people might be worried about me "knowing where you live". I understand that..but as a father of 2 small kids I assure you..the last thing on my mind is finding out where you live for any other reason that sending along some fun stuff. Take it for what its worth.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The first ever March to the Sea prize pack...

Want to get something for free in the mail? It won't be a bill (or nuttin' illegal) just some stuff I've got laying around (extra cd samplers, stickers...random fun stuff) Nothing too wild.

Its easy. First SEVEN (7) people to email laokas2002 at yahoo dot com will be the proud winners.

Overseas folks are welcome to enter as well, might take a little longer to get you. I'll toss some stuff in a padded mailer and fill your mailbox with some goodies.

So, email me laokas2002 at yahoo dot com. In the Subject enter something like "I wanna win and March you rule"..or something equally as awesome). Be SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS! Also, if you are a blogger and for some reason I don't know your real name say "Oh its me ____ from"

Its simple and hopefully "fun". If I can, time it right I hope to have all entries this week (hey I am not sure 7 people even read this) and then take next week to get things in order. I'd hope to have the goodies in the mail by Saturday, March 28, 2009. (one entry per address please)

I'll update the blog when all entries have been received, and, update the winners by this blog that the prize(s) have been sent.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just let me know..what you want from me....

Another work weeks comes to a close, so start your day with some tunes. (heck Friday the 13th to boot)

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

Fans of late 80's "alternative" and fans of Brit pop (the sound) will definitely want to check it out.

Thanks to all for reading.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the news, AND..Did you know?

A California man was told to stop cleaning up a section of highway near his home. Mario Mendez began to collect litter two months ago, but the state has yet to approve his "Adopt a Highway" permit.

British Billionaire Richard Branson offered to double the salary for hero pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, if he were to leave US Airways and take a job at Virgin. Branson said he'd make him the best paid pilot at Virgin Airlines and that he could be one of the astronauts as part of his intergalactic spaceship company.

With the demand down on Chinese toys, shoes and electronics as many as 26 million of China's estimated 130 million migrant workers are now unemployed. - Associated Press

A Colorado high school senior faced expulsion for having three rifles in the back of her car, even though she was a member of the Young Marines drill team. The girl, who had a 3.5 GPA uses the wooden rifles during drill practice. School policy prescribes "mandatory expulsion" for any student with even life like facsimiles of weapons.

After watching its endowment shrink last year by 22%, Harvard University wlllay off 25% of its money-management staff, or about 50 people. CNN

Only 22% of Americans trust financial firms, only 20% trust the government's handling of the financial system bailout. The Economist

40% of US workers have dated an office colleague, with 31% marrying one according to a harris poll.

One in Nine homes in the US is currently vacant, many are priced at $500,000 and more. USA Today

About 2/3 of the people who leave prison in the U.S. are rearrested within three years. The Atlantic

564 reporters covered Congress in 1985, it was 160 in 2008. LA Times.

A million seconds is about 11.5 days, a billion seconds is 32 years.

A woman in Indiana has been married 23 times has said she is currently looking for husband number 24.

A Colorado man who was run over while helping an elderly woman cross the road has been ticketed for jaywalking. The ticket, $22.00, but police say it was still dangerous for him to be in the road.

Girl Scout cookie sales are down 20% this year. In the past people would by six or more, are not settling on one. - USA Today

Teens with cell phones average 2272 text messages compared with 203 phone calls per month. - Washington Post

Did you know?
Tigers love water and are known as the best swimmers of the large cats. Tigers even have webbing between their toes. Tigers also love catnip.

The last movie that Walt Disney personally produced..."The Jungle Book".

So few profits from Ben+Jerrys Rainforest Crunch went in to saving the rainforest, the company had to remove the claim from their label in 1995.

There is a theory that the number 47 can be found in the universe more than any number, some examples"
There are 47 degrees of latitude between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
Strom Thrumond served in the Senate for 47 years
The Declaration of Independence has 47 sentences
The AK-47 was designed in 1947

What is a "gralix"? - It is the string of typographical symbols used to indicate profanity. When a comic character shouts "$%Q!", that's a grawlix.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gearing up...

It might be time to have some fun. Getting ready to roll out the "march to the sea prize pack". Who doesn't love getting mail..that is not a bill? I'll send you some stuff..and all you have to do is keep reading. Details shortly.

We are getting on getting on here..nothing too wild to report...i hope to have more content sooner than later.


Friday, March 6, 2009

All the songs that I've sung you

Another work weeks comes to a close, so start your day with some tunes.

Hope you might take time out if your day to check out Forgotten Disc Friday.

If you dig Brit pop stuff, you'll dig this weeks pick.

Thanks to all for reading.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hoooo ray for Mrs. March!

I just want to congratulate my wife for winning "Employee of the Quarter" at her job.

Well done!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not a lot to report...

Not a lot to report..but I feel like I should/need/want to write so just some quick stuff.

Wife and one child are under the weather. Was due to have date night Saturday but Little March had not been feeling well. Went to the MD, nothing wrong, that is until Monday 9am they call to tell us her strep culture was positive.

Little March has been a stickler for school attendance and was worried about missing a day..but they didn't have school yesterday due to the 10+ inches of snow.

Said snow kept me from heading to Boston on Sunday to see ...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead. I was looking forward to the show, but the forecast was for snow starting heavily around the time the show let out. Couple that with being over 1hr from the venue, and wanting to get home fast because of work the next day etc...well I bagged it. I hate doing that but it was the smart move.

The new U2 cd is out today and either you know..or just don't care which is all good. I grabbed it today at lunch..even though has it for 3.99 for download I am one of those "need the physical cd" sorta the band is 10 bucks richer today thanks to me.

I gave up on blogroller for my links. That site nose dived quick. I am a HUGE fan of Bloglines and that keeps me up to date on all the blogs/sites I love to read. I am working on updating my links so don't get mad/upset/offended if you are not there..that is getting updated.

That is really about it..sorry it is lame..something "awesome" will have to be for another day.