Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sigur Ros - Agganis Arena, Boston March 26, 2013

I was lucky to see Sigur Ros just this week.  My review has been posted to "Ryans Smashing Life" which you can read here.

The set list

    1. Yfirborð
    2. Ný Batterí
    3. Vaka
    4. Hrafntinna
    5. Sæglópur
    6. Fljótavík
    7. E-bow
    8. Varúð
    9. Hoppípolla
    10. Með Blóðnasir
    11. Olsen Olsen
    12. Kveikur
    13. Festival
    14. Brennisteinn
    15. Glósóli
    16. Popplagið
Pictures from instagram coming...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joel Paskett - New Music and... LIVE in Boston Tomorrow!

Joel makes a stop at O'Briens on Wednesday Night!!

Canada has produced some of the world’s most enduring songwriters and Joel Plaskett is hailed as one of the best. With countless awards to his credit, thousands of tour dates, and numerous recording and producing projects under his belt, Plaskett remains one of the most innovative and prolific artists on the scene today.
The end of 2012 started off quickly.  Joel and The Emergency worked around the clock, sending weekly volleys to fight off the seasonal blues: a brand new song – recorded, mixed, mastered, and released – every single week for ten weeks, accompanied by snippets of video documenting the process in-studio. It was an epic undertaking,which came together in the physical release of his eighth recording, Scrappy Happiness. The album garnered outstanding reviews and Joel Plaskett and The Emergency have been touring steadily since its release.

Scrappy Happiness is the follow-up to Joel’s hugely successful triple record, Three, which garnered overwhelming media response and caught the attention of international audiences. Where Three is a thoughtful solo record that offers up gems that range from pure pop to soul stirring folk, Scrappy Happiness is an epic melodic rock record powered by stellar songs and a sense of urgency.

In addition to his eight recordings, a DVD and a retrospective LP, Plaskett still has the creative energy to work on outside projects. He masterminded a reunion Thrush Hermit Tour and Box Set, has produced recordings for Sarah Slean, Al Tuck, David Myles, Steve Poltz, and most recently, buzz act Mo Kenney.

Tonight (3/19) Joel is in Philadelphia  World Café Live.  He wraps up his tour right here in Boston tomorrow.

What to expect?  Check out "Lightning Bolt"

You can read more, check out pictures and order some of his music via is Official Site.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


As a music lover when I get to shows I often tape them.  I tape for the sole reason to enjoy down the road and have never ever sold a tape I've done.  I've been taping shows since 1997 on my trusty Sony D8 Dat Deck.  I've been using it all along.

Well, I needed a blank tape recently for a show, went to the box, grabbed the last one.  Thought "I'll just order more tomorrow".

Ehhh..not so fast.

So, after some thought and research I have stepped in to the modern age with a really small and super cool looking Sony M10.  I can't wait to try it out. 

From the sound of things taping and conversions are BEYOND maybe I can get my act together to do some sharing.

Hope to give it a run VERY soon.  More to come.

As always thanks for sticking around....

New Music - Rare Monk

Rare Monk's brand new album Sleep/Attack is available now on Bandcamp via a unique "Pay What You Can" model to ensure that Rare Monk's biggest fans can experience their music.

Building on the success of their Death by Proxy EP, their new album Sleep/Attack is an upbeat and ambitious album that takes inspiration from such diverse concepts as the enormity of the universe to the danger of imbuing dreams with too much power.

Rare Monk is currently touring nationwide in support of their album, including several showcases in Austin during the South by Southwest music festival.

Here are the dates:
3/8 Raleigh, N.C. @ The Pour House
3/10 Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
3/13 Austin, Texas @ The Grackle @ 2:00 pm (SXSW)
3/14 Austin, TX @ Fado's @ 11:00 pm (SXSW)
3/15 Austin, TX @ Royal House @ 8:00 pm (SXSW)
3/16 Austin, TX @ The Lodge @ 8:15 pm (SXSW)
3/18 Tempe, AZ @ Long Wongs for PHX SXSW
3/19 Los Angeles @ Silverlake Lounge
3/20 Fresno, CA @ Fulton 55
Check out Sleep/Attack

Official Site/ Bandcamp/ Facebook/ Twitter

Gotye's other project "The Basics"

Okay, I will admit I had no idea what other things Gotye had going on. We all know him from "Somebody that I Used to Know" here in America, but Gotye aka Wally De Backer has been busy with a band called "The Basics". With firends Kris Schroeder and Tim Heath, The Basics have been live favourites in Australia, with their latest release Ingredients, a best of record showcasing some of the band's greatest moments to the iternational community for the first time.

Ready for this? The Basics formed in Melbourne a decade ago! who could predict . The Basics is a ten-year story of mateship and adventures, but first and foremost, it's a vehicle for a legacy of amazing songs.

2013 sees the celebration of the decade with the release of two incredible collections: Ingredients, the perfect introduction to new converts, bringing together the best work from each of their albums (and tracks in between) and Leftovers, a treasure trove of demos, alternate versions and unreleased tracks, giving further insights to fans into the world of Australia's most famous unknown band.

Dig on the video

INGREDIENTS is a sum of the many original parts that make up the sound of The Basics- a mix of the broad and bold sounds this band have created. There are songs from each of the albums and there are songs that fell in between. There is a taste of the band "live" - and if you have been lucky enough to have seen them live then you'd know just how special this band has been.

LEFTOVERS takes the best of what fans haven't already heard and serves it up as a mammoth 39-track digital collection or limited edition highlights vinyl. B-sides, demos and alternate versions from the cutting room floor provide a unique insight into the creative process. Leading with the new single "So Hard for You", Leftovers is The Basics in their rawest form. One-take vocals, discarded mixes and the raw power of their live prowess.


New Ep from "Glorie": check out "Smoke"

Formed in Memphis in the spring of 2009 by former Satyrs frontman Jason Paxton, Glorie is an inventive instrumental group with a wide variety of influences. The other members of Glorie (Jonathan Kirkscey, Rob Brimhall, Andy Saunders, and Jeff Hulett) come from diverse musical backgrounds and have performed with an impressive array of artists such as Cat Power, Jay Reatard, The Bloodthirsty Lovers, Snowglobe, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and Al Green.

Glorie began with the desire to create substantive, engaging instrumental music with a strong focus on melody. Blending acoustic, electric, and electronic sounds, Glorie draws inspiration from many genres including rock, classical, and instrumental hip- hop.

Their new EP Falling features the string section in a more prominent role. Driving rhythms and diverse instrumentation including lush strings, guitar, piano, electric piano, and vibraphone marry a thick wall of sound with a dreamy, cinematic texture.

Their dark instrumental music is both catchy and introspective. Falling is available now.

Check out "Smoke"

Hopefully then you'll check out some of the bands links such as:
Band Site


Old Wives Tale - Josephine new video

Old Wives' Tale is made up of brothers Jaime and Felipe Valencia.  Originally from Florida they are now based out of LA.  Distorted bass, disco beats and frantic guitar lines make for a unique experience.

The video, taken from their sophomore record, Late Night Paraphernalia, "Josephine" was tells the story of a group of urban artists that transform everyday street elements into robot installations that communicate messages against the credo ‘live to work’ with quotes such as “life turns into labor,” “hunt your white whale” and “no exchanges later."
Watch now

Official Site


New music from Providence RI band Detroit Rebellion

A bit of alternative and a bit of dirty blues is what you get here.  The duo of Jeff Toste, (guitars/vocals) and Michael Lamantia Jr. (drums) blend that alternative, blues and folk and all sorts of styles for this curiously catchy tune.

Check out the video for "the fire, devil and desire"

Then check them out more on
Bandcamp and Facebook

I live close to Providence, so I hope to see them real soon!


Box Wine EP "Cheap Fun" out now

Mix youself a little Strokes, Ra Ra Riot and Tokyo Police Club and you've got what makes up the vibe of "Box Wine". 

Check out the tune "Bones" and see what you think.

The band has two shows in New Jersey in the next month or so, hopefully they come up North.  See their site for more info (below) as well as more downloads and stuff....

Official Site