Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gotye's other project "The Basics"

Okay, I will admit I had no idea what other things Gotye had going on. We all know him from "Somebody that I Used to Know" here in America, but Gotye aka Wally De Backer has been busy with a band called "The Basics". With firends Kris Schroeder and Tim Heath, The Basics have been live favourites in Australia, with their latest release Ingredients, a best of record showcasing some of the band's greatest moments to the iternational community for the first time.

Ready for this? The Basics formed in Melbourne a decade ago! who could predict . The Basics is a ten-year story of mateship and adventures, but first and foremost, it's a vehicle for a legacy of amazing songs.

2013 sees the celebration of the decade with the release of two incredible collections: Ingredients, the perfect introduction to new converts, bringing together the best work from each of their albums (and tracks in between) and Leftovers, a treasure trove of demos, alternate versions and unreleased tracks, giving further insights to fans into the world of Australia's most famous unknown band.

Dig on the video

INGREDIENTS is a sum of the many original parts that make up the sound of The Basics- a mix of the broad and bold sounds this band have created. There are songs from each of the albums and there are songs that fell in between. There is a taste of the band "live" - and if you have been lucky enough to have seen them live then you'd know just how special this band has been.

LEFTOVERS takes the best of what fans haven't already heard and serves it up as a mammoth 39-track digital collection or limited edition highlights vinyl. B-sides, demos and alternate versions from the cutting room floor provide a unique insight into the creative process. Leading with the new single "So Hard for You", Leftovers is The Basics in their rawest form. One-take vocals, discarded mixes and the raw power of their live prowess.



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