Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time for some catch up....

So as we sorta “wrap up summer” why not catch up some?

First, why do we think (well myself and friends) always seem to think that once September 1st hits summer is “over”? Here in New England we have two of the better months of the year in September and October. You can easily sit on the porch/patio/deck in to early October..but I digress...

I had far to little corn on the cob again this year...and now that I think of it..not enough Hot Dogs on the grill too!

Lets poke around some the world of entertainment.

TV -
Summer is quiet for TV for the most part. Found myself working on my netflix queue. The wife and I talked about doing AFI's Top 100 Films. I have been going off the "original"  list from 1997. They update it every 10 so I figured why not hit the list from the first one as things drop off. For example the 1997 list has Titanic on it. Its been a slow process, but I am just about 50% done. My rules are simple, I have to see the whole movie, unedited. For example “Rocky”. I have seen pieces here and there..but never start to finish, so that is one I need to do. Have a look at the list and see how you are doing. Some of them are rough, but I have to remember when they were made. I skip around the list as well so I can mix newer with older. Sunset Blvd was really quite good, but..dare I say
Gone With The Wind  I struggled with.

The only TV I make sure to watch in the Summer is Breaking Bad. Hands down the best show on TV, perhaps ever. I used to feel this way about Dexter . After season 4 of that they had a tough mountain to climb. I enjoy it a great deal still, and will subscribe to Showtime for the 12 weeks, then cancel it. Anyway, Breaking Bad has too few (2) episodes left of this abbreviated season. It comes back in July 2013 for the final eight episodes and we are done.

What do you suggest for series (Netflix is fine)? I am curious about
"Homeland" (see Showtime subscription) and I did watch Season 1 of
"Game of Thrones".  Mad Men just waiting for that to come around again too.


Talking theater here. I haven't seen anything in the theater this summer..nothing. Sure there is stuff I'd go to, but I can't get my act together. My hope is that I will see the Batman film early next week. Missed Avengers, not sure on Spiderman....I don't mind going to the theater for films from time to time, it just feels like if you miss the first two weeks, forget it..gone.


I'll post up more of a concert calendar for September in a few days (yeah right).. The summer months have been quiet. If we go back to May I've been to Five shows. Radiohead, Phish, Iron Maiden, Umprhey's McGee and the band And So I Watch you From Afar.

On cd, if you are not listening, is just a ton of good stuff. Really, ask around to co-workers/friends what they are listening to. There is just so much good stuff that needs to be heard.


Sadly I hardly read. It is awful. AS you can tell by how I write I could stand a good few long reading sessions. I started the latest Stephen King book , but I am a S-L-O-W reader. I'll stick with it.
That is about it for the moment...more to least that is what I tell you..and myself.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gad zooks..

A month?? really...okay..content soon...