Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The new U2 Album...

So today in the US the newest U2 record "Songs of Innocence" is released on "physical media" vs the direct to iTunes download a month or so ago.

Being a long time fan I accepted the download just fine and listened a few times but wasn't blown away.  Could have been time, circumstance etc..who knows.


Since 1984 I've bought every single new U2 release the day it came out.  That rolls back to Unforgettable Fire (I recall the ride to the mall with my older brother) to Joshua Tree (walking from school to the local shop, getting it on tape vs my typical vinyl purchase at the time (always put the record on a maxell XLII 90.)
It was always an "event" for me.

This time, I am not sure.

I type this while still at work, and I can pass a record shop on the way home.....

The ride home will tell.


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