Friday, September 29, 2006

The Raconteurs : Lupo's Providence 9/28/2006

The Raconteurs with Dr.Dog
Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, Providence RI
Thursday, September 29,2006

With just one record part of me knew this was going to be a quick in and out show from Jack White (The White Stripes) new project. Its very hard to call it just Jacks project. Brendan Benson is a great guitar player in his own right and the rhythm section from Jack Lawrence (bass) and Patrick Keeler (drums) who split their time with this outfit and the Greenhonrnes. Dean Fertita added some keyboards and the occasional guitar lick as well.

The band took to the stage about 9:15 and quick launched into Hands Outtro and Intimate Secretary. The audience was ravenous and the band feed off the cheers. The stage set up was pretty stripped down. Its hard to argue that before going in the biggest selling point and most known name was Jack White. The cool part is that Jack actually seemed to let Brendan lead this band. Well, at least for a while. Brendan sang a fair amount of the songs as did the obligatory "band intros". Jack and Brendan feed off each other well, sometimes sharing the same vocal microphone for the harmonies. Jack Lawrence would always hold down his bass parts and I'd always look at him and I'd think he was a left over (or long lost brother of the Hanson brothers) from Slapshot!. Patrick played on a super small drum kit but man he could hit them, and work wonders with them

Songs were stretched outside the 4 minute mark which was a good thing. Mid set the band was keeping all the songs flowing one to the next. Each time you'd thing "Bang Bang(My Baby Shot me down)" was about to end, they'd sort of nod at each other and just kept going.

The main set ended with "Broken Boy soldier". Acoustic guitars feeding off electric and the lights going wild, it was a perfect set closer.

The band left for a quick set break and came out and did a cover of the Shocking Blue song "Send me a Postcard". (thanks dim!) It was a rocker but based off the people around me at least it was pretty unknown. The lead off single from the record "Steady as She Goes" was next. The band asked for people to clap along and did a quick and dirty version of it. After a blast solo Brendan and Jack sand the chorus almost "in the round" it was pretty cool.

The pinnacle of the show had to be the "epic" version of "Blue Veins". Jack White used his microphone once more that was facing to the rear of the stage. If you have ever seen the White Stripes Jack has microphones all over the stage. Almost like he can "stop here and sing" if he wants. It had some vocal effects so you could tell its purpose on this night. The solo that Brendan and Jack laid down, then further brought out by Jack was amazing. I recall reading a few years ago Jacks name mentioned as one of the best guitar players and many people groaned. God news for you folks..he is that good.

When all said and done the band put down their instruments, came to the front of the stage and joined the audience in applause.

The set list if you are in to such things:

1. Hands Outtro/Intimate Secretary
2. Level
3. Hands
4. Together
5. Yellow Sun
6. It Ain't Easy
7. The Bane Rendition/Store Bought Bones
8. Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
9. Broken Boy Soldier
10. Send me a Postcard (Shocking Blue cover)
11. Steady, As She Goes
12. Blue Veins


At Friday, September 29, 2006 3:10:00 PM , Blogger Code Name: Ryan said...

I was looking forward to last night's show but just couldn't make it. *Yes, my tickets went wasted - just sat there at will call.

But I will see the band tonight at the Orpheum in Boston. I definitely look forward to it.

Just in case you are interested I posted a super cool profile and dropped some mp3s from the Greenhornes - the band Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence left to join the Raconteurs. I really, really like them.

Stop by:

The Greenhornes mp3s on the RSL blog.

At Sunday, October 01, 2006 10:42:00 PM , Blogger The Guinness Tooth said...

My little bro went to this show, I should ask his what he thought of it.

At Monday, October 02, 2006 11:48:00 AM , Blogger March to the Sea said...

GT - lemme know what he says...


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