Tuesday, October 16, 2007

High on Fire with Mono: Living Room, Providence RI 10/12/07

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High on Fire
The Living Room, Providence Rhode Island
Friday, October 12, 2007

Support - Mono, Panthers and Coliseum

Rumors had been around since earlier this year that Mono was going to take a good year off from touring (at least in the US). When I saw this show announced a few months back, and then saw that a Providence show was added it made it even more of a no-brainer to attend.

I arrived at the Living Room shortly before 10pm and Panthers were wrapping up their set. Hit the Mono merch booth for two things. The first was the live dvd that won't technically be out in the states until next year. I am not really a live DVD guy, but after I saw the trailer (which you can view off that link) I had to get it. I also wanted to get their latest b'sides collection. The always gracious Tamaki took my money and I told her to keep the few bucks in change. This band doesn't have some lavish tour bus and I dig em enough that hey the few bucks might go to a few coffees in the morning. That being said I settled in to my usual spot at the Living Room about 15 feet dead center.

The band set up their gear and the lights went off and we were off. Guitarists Yoda and Takaakira "Taka" Goto often sit when they play. Yosunori sits back at his drum kit and waits for his queue to come in hard and heavy. Tamaki, on bass, always is fun to watch as she sways back and forth to the music.

Much of their music begins quiet and slowly builds to the most chilling audible experience. The audience was talking some but then they'd hit down hard and whoa..everyone would be silenced. As much as I love Mono the set lists don't waver too much song selection wise and they always seem too short. In an opening slot they did a stand up job nailing it down in about 45 minutes and the line at their section of the merch booth seemed to speak volumes they got to some folks. The band did play a new song as the set closer. It still is "Mono" sound wise but never grew to a rousing swell that we are used to. That is a good thing as the band is changing ever so slightly.

After what seemed like ages High on Fire took the stage. Guitarist/Vocalist Matt Pike to the right, Drummer Des Kensel in the back on the drums and new(er) bassist Jeff Matz to the left. During sound check the bass was so damn loud I was tempted to leave. Honestly it was obnoxious and I had ear plugs in. Once the band settled in and the levels were set it was much better.

High on Fire is a band that I have liked since I read a stunning review on their first record The Art of Self Defense. Its not something I can personally listen to every day but the heaviness of the record just hits you right when you need it.

The mix had some issues here and there, and Pike, if he is known for anything vocal wise its a growl so one can't come out and say they couldn't tell what he was singing, since you can't understand it on the record either.

The set list for High on Fire was:
Waste of Tiamet
Eyes and Teeth
Death is this Communion
Rumors of War
Face of Oblivion
Cyclopean Scape

There was no "encore" the band was pretty chatty between songs and the audience was pretty ravenous. There were a lot of devil horns and fist pumps laid down. Pike left the stage with "We are High on Fire don't forget us". Not sure what that meant, the band played here a year ago as well (or was it 2 now?) anyhow Providence is not a main market for bands so we were happy none the less.

High on Fire has an official page here. Of course there is a myspace you can check out.

Mono image taken from here
The bands official page is here. Download a show from the archive

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Wow, you see a lot of concerts. The last concert I was to was in May of '03. I saw Pearl Jam with Rusty!


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