Wednesday, August 31, 2005


First day of 1st grade..that can be a big deal! I ask, how is it that the parents get the homework though?!

When I was done with my homework I sat down and watched the documentary Hype! It was about the Seattle music scene. It seems a little dated now as you'd imagine but over all it was not too bad. One thing I did notice is they didn't focus just on the bands you'd think when you think seattle music. That is what made it better at least to me.

Netflix can not keep up with me right now. I get a movie I watch I return..bring it on!

Blasting out of work early today to grab the new Kayne West and Death Cab for Cutie cds. (well leaving early for other reasons too)

On the headphones - Slint 3-22-2005 cd 2.


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