Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They Might Be Giants - Berklee, Boston MA 6/13/09

They Might Be Giants
Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA
Saturday, June 13, 2009
All Ages Family Show

A few years ago we were able to see They Might Be Giants do an in store for the"Here Comes the A-B-Cs" record. They played a fun filled 30 minute set but it left us all wanting more. Time has passed, a second kids record was released (Here Come the 1-2-3's) which won a grammy and the band would do a smattering of all ages shows from time to time, but we never seemed to time it right.

The mid afternoon show appeared to be just about full with families ready for a fun afternoon of music. The band arrived on stage shortly after 3pm and played for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Right before the show a roadie came to the edge of the stage with about 10-12 "Foam Fingers" and he proceeded to hand them out. My oldest got one and my youngest stood waiting his turn and the roadie went to get more. Alas, an overzealous child took the finger from my son and he was not too thrilled. A happy ending though, thanks to the dad sitting next to us, he offered his daughters, saying she had one for a prior show. Thanks to that Dad whomever and wherever you are.

The guys were all smiles and greeted everyone with band introductions and asked everyone that had a camera phone to take it out and shoot pictures. The guys each waved to the cheering masses and then began "Fibber Island" which comes form their first kids record "No".

The band would hardly slow down keeping the audience well in the palm of its hand and just having a whole lot of fun. Singer/guitarist John Flansburgh noted that this would be the most audience participation based show we'd ever be involved in. We'd clap, we'd dance, we'd sing it was a full on fan participation type show.

John Linnell would rotate between keyboards and accordion while drummer Marty Beller would leave his drum kit to sing "Alphabet Lost and Found" and he would camp it up a lot during his "lead vocal duties" running around the stage. Bassist Danny Weinkauf would also have his "lead singer' hat on as well when he sang "Paleontologist" (something like that..from there next cd Here Comes Science) as well as "Where do they Make Balloons".

About 3/4 of the way through the set they had the confetti cannons go off and you'd think the kids all died and went to heaven. Grabbing it by the hand full and stuffing in pockets for "later use?", it didn't matter.

The band wrapped up the main set and left the stage for a short time before returning for a two song encore. The final song was a very spirited version of Istanbul Not Constantinople. I apologize in advance as I can't recall the trumpet players name (if anyone knows please update me) as he was great. His playing was great on "Dr Worm" and Istanbul.

If you have kids ages 4-12..or kids of that age available to you..go check out one of these shows, they are so much fun.

Updated - Found the set here it is.
Band Intro
Fibber Island
Alphabet of Nations
I want to be a Palentologist
Never Go to Work
Particle Man
Alphabet Lost and Found
Clap Your Hands
4 of 2
Robot Parade
Figure 8
Where do they Make Balloons
Bed Bed Bed
One Dozen Monkeys
Graveyard (On set but not played)
Instanbul Not Constantanople...



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