Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Throw out a "list" when you have nothing else.

15 random "best things" right now.

1. A good..I mean GOOD cup of decaf coffee (too much caffeine makes me irritatable)

2. Sunshine

3. The look of my lawn, man its picture perfect

4. The feeling of new underwear and socks.

5. Snapple iced tea..the sugary bad stuff w/lemon ohhh man

6. The debut cd by The Sword. Tracks 1->4 most of all

7. The 30g iPod with video. Free strongbad video podcasts..need I say more?

8. Playing hockey on Tuesdays, being able to suck, and being the only one that cares.

9. I have not been to the gas station in over 10 days.

10. The fact I currently have NO hangnails

11. The smells of BBQs in my neighborhood

12. Grilled chicken Caesar salad. I could eat this twice, if not three times a day.

13. The fact that Sunday I am going to see Pelican and AND Mono

14.Newcastle Brown Ale

15. The sound of the ice cream truck.

15 random "worst" things right now.

1. Cold coffee, of any sort.

2. While I am at it..flavored coffee too..yeee-uk

3. CDs from LaLathat have no cover art.

4. Hitting the post at LEAST 6 times per week in hockey.

5. The fact rain is in the forecast.

6. The smell of wet grass.

7. Seeing road kill with little ones in the car..(like deer..worst ever)

8. Poker on television. Stop..please..and in HD no less.

9. Having Netflix take too long to either send or receive my dvds.

10. America's fascination with celebrity. Leave these assholes alone.

11. This nagging cough, I cough so hard I see plaid sometimes.

12. Warm toilet seats.

13. Single ply toilet paper..Seriously..we end up using MORE cuz it sucks so bad.

14. Generic brand Orange Juice.

15. Having nothing good to write on my blog, thus resulting in a random best of/worst of.


At Tuesday, June 13, 2006 11:08:00 AM , Blogger Jocular Schlemiel said...

New underwear + socks = good.

Poker on TV = Excellect. I tried teaching your punk ass. Try to get with the program ok? Not my fault you don't hang out with the guys, drinking beers, eating unhleathy food and smoking stogies on poker night.

At Tuesday, June 13, 2006 3:19:00 PM , Blogger pog mo thoin said...

Hey, I like the best of/worst of list! Keep em' coming. I have to agree on the Newcastle and disagree on the iced flavored coffee! I am making a trip home next week just to drop some good ol' USD in Dunkin Donuts. I usually don't even get out of Logan without the bucket of iced cold hazelnut.

Worse thing = being stuck in London City Airport which as THE WORST shopping surrounded by cranky soccer fans as I am RIGHT NOW as I write this. I am going to complain about this everywhere so be warned!

At Tuesday, June 13, 2006 4:14:00 PM , Blogger Annoyed said...

Better a warm toilet seat than a wet one...

And decaf coffee?

Dirty brown water, imo.

At Thursday, July 06, 2006 2:29:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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