Thursday, June 8, 2006

March gets yelled at....

I could further get yelled at for this by google but here goes. *march throws caution to the wind*

Near the top of my blog you see "ads". They are free to add to your page (if you so desire) and you can make money based off the clicks you get. My brother had been using ads and seemed to be pulling down some "okay" dough for doing nothing. The idea is pretty slick, the ads themselves are relevant to your recent posts. You may have noticed my ads have been for ipod stuff, or Pearl Jam.

So I cheated. I'd go to my page and I'd give each of the ads a click. Thats a big no no. Its not like I sat and rapid fire video game style clicked, i'd click each ad once a day and be done with it. I'd generate a whopping 0.02 for myself. (drinks are on me in 2012).

The other day I get an email (and it was pretty funny on some levels) about how my ads have been "illegally" clicked or what have you. It went on to say that I can't ask people to click on them or create a program that auto clicks or what have you. I understand on some levels as it shows the advertisers 'false numbers". Basically because I'd click and back right out of the new page. They send you a check when you get to 50 or 100 dollars so see the last paragraph about drinks in 2012.

My favorite "warning" was: If you are clicking your ads to "make sure they work" you don't need to. Damn I was gonna use that as my defense. I never have bad links or spelling errors on this page!

On to a different subject:

I was reading recently that Pat Robertson can leg press 2000lbs?! I poked some and if you google Pat Robertson leg press you can see images of it.

Wonder what kind of ads I'll get for a Pat Robertson reference (damn it I did it twice!)


At Thursday, June 08, 2006 1:31:00 PM , Blogger Road to the Isles said...

I just clicked on an ad on your blog for the first time ever. You can buy me a beer at our next show.

At Thursday, June 08, 2006 10:28:00 PM , Blogger pog mo thoin said...

How do you get people reading you in South America?!? I think you are some kind of witch doctor, you with your fancy ads and clicks and drinks in 2012! Damn!

(Disregard everything, I am back from a trad show and drinking with the band! Yahooooooooo!)

At Friday, June 09, 2006 12:34:00 AM , Blogger The Guinness Tooth said...

I got the same e-mail, or at least a similar one. They even went so far as to accuse me of being a robot (i think thats what they meant). Anyway, don't use robots they steal your money.


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