Monday, June 19, 2006

A little false sense of worth.

I think everyone has been lied to. From simple little things to bigger ones I know of no person that is immune.

This past weekend I got a letter in the mail that was a head scratcher.

It was a simple letter from The Guitar Center with a 20% off coupon at the bottom. What was funny was one of the paragrahs.

Mr March
enclosed find a 20% off coupon. Its just a simple reward as you rank in the top 5% of our customers.


If I am in the top 5% this company is already screwed. Nothing against the guitar center but if I set foot in there 2 times a year it is a fluke. Just funny.

I had a similar run in with my alma mater calling one night for a donation. It was a simple request and harmless in "text form" so I'll add my rants to the conversation.

Donation Volunteer - Hi is Mr March there
Me - yes this is he.
DV - Hi this is ___ from (your really fancy expensive school) how are you
Me - (suspicious) ummm fine I guess
DV - We are calling some of the "most popular" members of the most recent class
me - HAHAHA!
DV - What is so funny?
me - i'd hardly say most popular.
dv - why is that?
me - well, considering i went to school TOTALLY at night, taking one class at a time for the last bunch of years I'd hardly say I am even close to being one of the "most popular"
dv - well don't say that.
me - think anyone could point me out of a line up and say my name?
dv - not sure
me - well I know that I have NO idea who the most popular students are, so if I am one of the most popular thats kinda sad.
dv - sorry you feel that way
me - well i feel like you are buttering me up for something. I mean I worked full time, never lived on campus and only worked at the radio station in my final semester. I just wish you'd tell me what you'd like
dv - well we are looking for a donation from our alumnus
me - well why didn't you say so..let me get my check book!

Just wasn't as mean as it may sound..but come on. I mean we all like the ego stroked, and even though I am very popular, stunningly handsome and rich beyond your wildest dreams I do realize a big steaming pile of it when its fed to me.

Oh Mono and Pelican was awesome..more on that later.


At Monday, June 19, 2006 12:12:00 PM , Blogger Hotwire said...

man, i wish someone would butter me up that way, even if it is a telemarketer...!

At Tuesday, June 20, 2006 8:55:00 AM , Blogger Jenny G said...

That's funny. When my college calls me for donations I just want to say, "You know I was a liberal arts major, right? Do you think I have money?"


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