Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bloggers I am sure agree...

There is a local AM radio station that I listen to (man when did I turn in to my dad) in "15 minute burst" on my ride in and ride home from work.

Most days when i take littlest march to daycare I can hear a guy name John Keller do a segment called "Keller at Large" I look forward to this every morning at 7:56. I hear the announcer say "Its 7:56 and now its time for Keller at Large".

He just seems really smart to me.

Yesterday (June 12th) he did something on blogs. If you go
here scroll down to the june 12th entry and give a listen. They are about a minute long.

He does some local political rants that out of towners may never get, but when he talks out us drivers he is 100% correct there as well.

I was so jazzed one day when I decided to check the site, wondering if I could get his segments.

Well done WBZ!


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