Thursday, May 11, 2006

Very quick..

Got myself another deadline tomorrow but I don't like to leave the 5 readers of this blog without something.

Kudos to Tom Petty and company for doing their best to stop scalpers. Seems "fans" used pre-sale options to get tickets and then "re-sell" for higher prices. They have a long way to go across the board but canceling 600+ tickets (and 800 in New York) is the right step. Well done.

Also, even if you think Rolling Stone is way behind the 8 ball on most music news or what have you, they just put out their 1000th issue. The cover alone is worth it and on the "inside" they talk about many of their more famous covers. I have yet to settle in to it, but the flip thru over a cup of coffee and six cigarettes this morning looks promising.

oh and that part about breakfast..was a joke. I didn't drink coffee..(man I am just full of the good stuff today)


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