Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Magazine update and then some.

Yesterday I ranted how boston.com posted a story on the best magazine covers of the last 40 years but had no images. Sure enough it took people in my group to search the web to find the images

. Some I have seen and some are more powerful than others. I know Vogue had to do with the first African American woman being on a magazine cover. Word of caution on the link, it took a while to upload the images so be patient.

I really think I want to go to

when it comes to Boston. Its done very well in New York and its recouped money. I am sure it will be a tough ticket to get but it will be worth it I am sure.

In yesterdays mail I got a survey from Blender Magazine. They asked me to be honest about the time I spend with the magazine and what articles I read more than others. They even put a dollar bill in the envelope. The issue, I need to review a magazine that has yet to arrive! Guess I have my work cut out for me.

Celebrities can be so annoying. I was reading yesterday that Madonna won't let her kids watch TV or read magazines amongst other things. I am all for raising your kids the way you want to raise them but there are sometimes you need to step back and let them be kids for god sake. She is quick to say that when her husband comes home he gives the kids chocolate, but she never does. Sell out the husband Madonna, good move.

In record stores today is the new Lightning Bolt cd. You'll be hardpressed to find their stuff at Target.

My ipod
turns "2" tomorrow so perhaps I'll get it all charged up and load it full of some of the recent cd purchases I have made. I have been VERY lax on that.

before bed last night I read for over 1hr. I am trying to finish the latest book by Bret Easton Ellis. I am finally finding my groove. Perhaps if I had the reading capacity above a 6th grader I might actually enjoy books more.

Thats it..don't forget "The Office" and "My Name is Earl" tonight.


At Tuesday, October 18, 2005 1:08:00 PM , Blogger Kris said...

oh man, you almost made it through one post without talking about TV! btw, what exactly are Madonna's kids missing on TV that is so important. Most likely the kids don't care. Kids have to learn to watch TV. My lil one barely knows the TV is there and I like that.


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