Friday, October 14, 2005


Its Friday and its been raining here for 6+ days. Honestly, if I wanted this i'd move to London or Seattle. At the rate we are going I'll be raking leaves in the snow.

Ever have a conversation with your work superiors are realize they have no idea what it is you do. Its only when you ask to be recognized you are then told of your "deficiencies". That always makes for a fun meeting.

around the radio dial - heard that TV Guide will change its "look" next week. Guess it will go to more a "magazine" format with more features and less listings. Well when all you need to list is
08:00 - crap
08:30 - crap
09:00 - crap
I guess going w/less is okay. Its funny they decide to do this the same week that the New York Times says it will be putting out a "smaller" paper come Jan 1st. Less pages saving millions by not listing everything on the NASDAQ. TV Guide collectors (you know they are out there) have to be somewhat upset. Years of certain storage methods now need to be changed. Did you know that when cds were first rolled out and put in "long boxes" it was so that record shops could use existing album sheleves. 2 cds next to each other in long boxes are the same dimension as a 12 inch record.


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