Friday, October 7, 2005

Around the dial (radio and tv) and other stuff..

I bagged out of work yesterday. I decided this year I wanted to look in to getting contact lenses. Not to wear all the time but to have when I do (rarely) sports or what have you. I decided that since I needed to put something IN MY EYE I'd take the day off to see how I dealt. Mind you I don't know "me" without glasses. I've had em since 1st grade. When I see myself without glasses its about 1 inch from a mirror and at that point all I notice is how I need to trim my nose hair (AGAIN!).

That appointment went well and then I headed to Newbury Comics to sell off some Cds. Turned out pretty over 60.00 so I can't complain. Nothing beats selling stuff and then buying more, makes a ton of sense eh? After that I went home and did some work around the house so I wouldn't have to do it this weekend.

Okay around the dial(s).
- Are you sick of tom cruise yet??
- During a lapse in action during either CSI or ER last night I went flipping over to OLN to see if there was an NHL game on (there was not). There was man standing in a stream in full hunting gear CRYING that it was his life long dream to hunt and kill a Grizzly Bear. He was crying because after all these years he still had not gotten one. Hunting for sport is odd to me. I just don't see the point, but then again I don't take issue if someone says "hey I got a deer this weekend". Dunno I guess shooting bigger seems useless. I know that it can be beneficial to keep populations down etc. I won't got here there or anywhere on guns/hunting etc it was just odd to see a grown man crying about how he had not shot a bear.
- ER was still kinda ehh. I don't care for that woman from Third Rock from The Sun...again..ONE MORE CHARACTER to spread things out thin. CSI was okay sometimes full episodes to one case are hit or miss. Over all it was "okay".

Bruins and Sox at it again tonight. Living around here it hard to escape a sox story. Yeah they did it last year and yeah faith is rewarded and yeah we came back down 3-0 last year I think that we are still so used to "medioctiry" that we won't be surprised and we will quick say "At least we won last year". Even the mighty patriots are struggling now....ahhh this is the Boston I have known for 25+ years.

Long weekend not sure of major things going on but I hope to FINALLY finish watching Friday Night Lights. Its good and so far in 2 parts its good..I'd like to finish it and decide if I should rewatch it all in one sitting.


At Saturday, October 08, 2005 8:45:00 PM , Blogger Jenny G said...

I didn't like Third Rock woman on ER either; I don't like people in general who come blazing in to a new job like they've been there for years. People should know there place. They're adding even more new people in the coming weeks. I think that show needs to be put out of its misery.


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