Monday, October 3, 2005

Yeah hi...

Nice weekend around these parts. The fall in this area is just the best. I am not sure if in your mind you keep thinking "this is it, it will snow tomorrow" but the days have been stunning.

I have my first of 2 U2 shows tonight. As much as I love this band I am not as jacked up as I hoped or wanted to be about the show. I am going alone so the ride to and from gets dull. Tomorrow I am at least a little closer to Boston. I am sure it will all pan out when they are playing.

In the paper this weekend I read that the show "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" is going to do a house a few towns over. I have never really watched much of the show, i seem to catch the end of it when everyone is crying. Its great what they can do to help people out. The story in a nutshell said that the crew arrived Saturday, they had stuff in storage on Sunday and they'd be DONE next Saturday. That is amazing..a full tear down and electrical They can make a slight detour down route 109 and take care of a few things this weekend. I don't even need stuff torn down. I'll try to keep my eye on the schedule and try to catch this one.

On a final note the Red Sox made the wild card again this year. That is pretty good news for the city since the Patriots loss and the wheels are falling off that band wagon fast and furious.

Hockey starts in TWO DAYS!!

U2 review tomorrow.


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