Thursday, September 29, 2005

Horribly slow today..

Late update today. I know most of you want to come in to work and have a new topic to read up on but today I was just busy I guess. Suddenly I realized I needed to do an update.

been getting a few requests to trade for my white stripes and Sigur Ros shows. It bums me out that people ask you for a trade then when you are ready they tell you they got it elsewhere. Thanks for making me "hurry up" ya jerk.

The tad bit of the sox game I saw last night was pretty dismal. They are going to shoot themselves in the foot. Games they should have won they have lost. Around these parts the only rule seems to be "anyone but the yankees". I am not a big baseball person so I am glad that we are a week away from the start of the NHL season. I know I am in the vast minority on this one but still, it will be great to have it back.

finally regarding baseball: Red Sox Pitcher David Wells said that if the sox win the world series this year he will retire. This was reported by a New York paper no less.


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