Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Few notes and observations...

Last night was watching NECN to get the weather for today. As I sat through one story after another on the hurricane one story stood out. They did a story on how the Red Sox making the playoffs last year had ER visits down some 15% during "game time". They actually had a spokesman for some hospital talk about how people would delay their care. The most subtle of looks right as the camera cuts away says it all even he was had a look of "WTF people"? It made enough news that Paul Harvey mentioned it today in his news report on WBZ. (man I listen to AM radio?!)

Today when I got to work I got on the elevator and immediately was drawn to the feet of a fellow elevator rider. Navy blue pants, black shoes and white socks. I try not to let little things like that bother me but come on..seriously. Go to TJMAXX and get a three pack of blue, black and tan socks. That covers the most common pant colors. This is an adult to boot.

On a final note I threw on the new Coheed and Cambria cd for the first time today. I was immediately drawn to one name on the liner notes. Their A&R rep is Matt Pinfield. I immediately wanted to talk about rare Smiths import singles and move my hands around really awkwardly to get my point across. (for about 2 people this will be funny. Matt Pinfield used to host MTV's 120 Minutes. He is a bigger dude that is bald and has an encyclopedic knowledge of music but he'd always reference some rare import B'side when talking to a band). Its funny..trust me.


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