Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rock and Roll...well almost.

The White Stripes
Providence Performing Arts Center
Monday September 19, 2005

I have to admit I was curious to see the White Stripes. I am a fan, not a fanatical fan but a fan none the less. I knew of Jacks guitar virtuosity and Meg holds down a pretty hard/steady beat that Jack has gone on to defend saying I'd never be able to do what I do without her.

I had never been to the PPAC so I arrived, wired up my DAT and headed to my seat. I was 13 rows back in Right Orchestra Center. I was on the isle, good and bad for taping I guess.

the greenhornes were on stage and were actually pretty good and refreshing. it was straight up rock and roll in my eyes and they did a great job of getting the audience fired up. I'd check them out again for sure.

the stage started the change over and the crew was pretty quick to get things broken down and get backdrops set. it went on way too long though. the band has 2 or 3 roadies that are dressed up in suits and ties that moved around the stage for what seemed like ages.

finally a little after 9 the house lights went down and jack made his way down the center isle and played the house whurlitzer organ. It was pretty neat but nobody could really see him. When you could finally see him as he crawled up on stage he had on white pants, white t-shirt a white hat and his face was painted white. from what I have read it was in tribute to Bob Dylan but it reminded me more of that 80's gang movie "the warriors". The band took off on "Blue Orchid" and the band was in fine form. Jack has 5 vocal mics he worked all night. Meg was good, strong and right on the money and jack is one hell of a guitar player. I was impressed with his skills. Then it seemed to go horribly wrong.....

approx 35 minutes into the set Jack and Meg leave the stage. A bit awkward for sure so soon..but..what goes from the 1-2 minute "set break" suddenly goes on..and on..and on. TEN F'ING MINUTES later the band FINALLY comes back out. Jack had changed his shirt, hat and took off his makeup. being a father of 2 I can't tell you what I can accomplish in 10 minutes. I was pretty pissed off. again, in reading message board posts fans said the band felt the audience was lame, dull or what have you. I don't care. I really don't. Mariah Carey probably doesn't take this long in all her diva ness.

finally the band came back out and gave us..get this 30 minutes more. That was it...done. Total DAT running time 1hr 9 minutes. I'd say w'd be lucky if we got
60-63 minutes of music.(think guitar changes etc too add to "no music")

I learned my lesson.


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