Thursday, September 15, 2005

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah..oh yeah..

last night it was Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at the super small TT The Bears in Cambridge, MA. I timed this one perfect. I arrived at the venue and Dr.Dog (the second to last band) was already in their set. I had read about them
in Alternative Press and they honestly were not too bad. The guitar player was having technical issues and that grinds any band to a halt. They had some pretty good hooks and the jingly pop sound that can be so much fun.

The stage was cleared and I got a new sight line/tape spot during the set change. I was about 12/15 feet back a little off to the left of the stage. The band took the stage (well they set up their own gear so they were already on) right before 11.

It was a good set. The band only has one record (see the great review that got me to by the record here) (I need to figure
out links!) The downside was only having one record of material to work with. The band, which has five members, stuck to their groove barring 2 players that would alternate keyboards to guitar etc. The biggest issue I had with the night
is how the lead singer seemed so freaking bored with it all. I understand your rock star strutting and posing but for the love of god you have a potentially ravenous sold out crowd..a simple "Hi" or "thanks for coming" from the front man I think is important. Sure its "lame" but Springsteen, Jagger and Bono for example have no issues with saying "hello (insert city here)".

That was really my only gripe. A little happier to be there and a hi. Its still early in the tour so try to catch them if you can but shows have been selling out.

Ride home was quick..head on pillow about 12:50am. I'll do it all over again tonight (not as late) for Sigur Ros.


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