Thursday, September 8, 2005

It might be time to...

Kill my (or your) television. Neds Atomic Dustbin sang about it years ago and it just might be time. I am a tv watcher. I don't shy away from that fact but the last few years I have been pretty selective and I'd rather watch a movie or have it turned off. I have a few showsI need to see each week, or tape but barring sportscenter or a bruins game i'll not care one way or the other.

I think what has killed it for me is reality tv. I admit I watched the Real World 12+ years ago now and liked Season one of the osbournes..but I never have watched a single episode of anything else, that includes American Idol and Survivor. I just hate them. So on a daily visit to the yahoo mainpage I see that Fox is responding to ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" in a show called "Skating with the Stars". Now if this were a roller derby I'd watch..but its figure skating. No offense to figure skaters, they are better and stronger skaters than most elite NHL'ers..its just the cast of NOBODIES they have. Todd Bridges??! Even curiosity has not swayed me..but 100 Million idiots will tune in and everyone at work with be saying "Did you watch" and when I say "No I read last night" I will be the "odd ball".


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