Friday, September 16, 2005

Now that is what I am talking about....

Sigur Ros - 15/09/05
The Opera House, Boston MA

Where does one even begin? First I'll talk quick about the Opera House. Amazing views, amazing architecture, amazing sound. They did a marvelous job renovating this theater. I hope, although only in part, they do more rock shows there. Its really nice so i don't expect too much to come through there.

My friend and I arrived to the venue just about 730 and took our time finding our seats (checking out the merch etc). We made our way down to our seats w/the help of flash lighted and knowledgeable ushers (classy!) I took my seat in Orch RC Row H Seat 20. It was about 15 rows back on the drummers side. Anima was on stage
and were very soothing. Where else can you see someone play wine glasses and a saw with a bow? They were good and the audience was very respectful. Their set wrapped up and a large white curtain came down and the set change over began.

It seemed rather quick and before you knew it the intro music was playing. We were about to begin! Rather than doing a song by song account I'll point out some amazing (at least for me) moments.

Intro->glósóli not only starts the new cd but started the show. It was perfect. The white curtain remained down and the swell of glósóli just overwhelms you. The sweeping boom/crash that occurs towards the end had me covered in goose bumps. The band would work the stage pretty well. Jonsi would go from front/center on guitar to the side to play some keyboards and what not.

During viðrar vel til loftárása there is a "stop" in the song. A lot of times there are clappers, talkers or what have you. I'd say the band stopped
for a full 45 seconds and you could hear a pin drop. It was beyond eerie. Jonsi holds his bow over his head and it almost seemed like he was waiting
for the audience to "false clap". We didn't. I can think of no band anywhere anytime ever that could get away with this. The audience was
stopped, stunned. Then it all started back up. The only silly part was a few people felt they needed to clap after that point.

hafssól is probably my all time favorite Sigur Ros song. It appeared originally on the Von cd but that version is totally different. In the live/new version
the bass player uses a drum stick on the strings to create a very cool sound. The drumstick is taped then almost muted on the string. Its repeated over and
over and over and as soon as I saw him grab the drum stick the hair on my neck stood up. I just love this song. I love when music does this
to me.

After smaskifa in which each member slowly left the stage the the band returned for almost and "encore" of popplagið (aka pop song or #8 on ( ) )
the only down side to this song is knowing this is it, this is the last song of the night. It builds and builds and builds and they have me in the palm of their
hand. The curtain comes back down as the band begins to head to the explosive end. I can't take it, my heart is racing, my legs are bouncing I want to stand up
and yell..they have me. I feel like I in the the church of Sigur Ros and I want to stand up and scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN. I don't but my mind is racing I
know how this keeps swelling the band is freaking smashingly (is that a word?) and I am at complete peace amongst the chaos. This is a true musical moment
everything is right. The band hits the final note and I shoot to my feet. FUCK MY AUDIENCE TAPE I need to clap my ass off. Two curtain calls later the house lights come up and I stand there wishing that was just set one, act one, take one..anything.

On the way out i got the set list from the sound board. intro/ glósóli/ ný batterí/sæglópur/ vaka/ gong/ andvari/ viðrar vel til loftárása/ hoppipolla/ med blodnasir/hafssól/smaskifa/ e: popplagið

I know I am biased and this is hardly a "review" other than an account of a show. I will go on record with the following. Top 5 show of all time for me personally.
and to shove my "ego laden musical snobbery" when I see a show like that I feel so bad for people that listen to whatever is spoon fed to them as well as
people that say "I don't like much music", or "music has never moved them".

If I won the lottery I'd take you all and at the end I'd just say "see..that is what I am talking about".


At Monday, September 19, 2005 9:48:00 AM , Blogger Diet Health and Fitness said...

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At Tuesday, September 20, 2005 7:25:00 PM , Anonymous roy arguello said...

I saw them too that night, I flew from Dallas to Boston just for the show. I sat 7th row center. Paid a retarded amount of cash for the seats, but it was worth it. I'll never forget that powerful performance.

I had seen them before when they last came to dallas. It was of the same powerful caliber. Yet it was a smaller venue, and standing room only. And that time I stand right in front of the stage. Almost lost my hearing from the drums.

Anyway great write up.


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