Friday, September 23, 2005

Must see TV Thursday..eehhhh

I wish I taped both CSI and ER. I am a big fan of both but neither had me overly excited. CSI was average I am not sure where they will go with this marriage etc. ER was a let down. First I hate re-casts. I just do. Unless that kid grew that much during the downtime you are not kidding anyone. ER can be great, I wish they'd stop introducing so many cast members and concentrate on more ER "stories". Love lives and personal lives are drab. Where is Weaver?!! Just like 90210 I started at episode one and went to the end. As much as I like ER I think its time to consider its run to be over.

Headed to a show this weekend. Nashville P***y down in providence. A buddy I dj'd a wedding for wants to go and he asked me..I was ehhh on it then he offered to pay/drive and all that jazz. Heck..why not.


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