Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I am going to hell and a few other things...

I guess the White Stripes in Boston night 1 were great (bastards!)

Its a blessing and a curse (more of a blessing) being able to work from home.
One of the worst parts is the telemarketers that call you during the day. On non-work days our answering machine is caller ID. I have to answer the phone like I am in the office. Immediately they know its "me" and start asking me for donations.

Today it was the Special Olympics. Mind you..we donate ALL the time. This one was for the "soccer tournament". We try our best to spatter a little bit of $$ to cancer, aids, walks for this, rides for that. Even if its just 25.00 here and there it feels good to spread it out some. I understand they need to be firm and get you to donate but when I say "not right now due to financial issues" what is so hard to understand. I even said "We donated some money to the Red Cross recently for the Hurricane and I am short now" That didn't matter. I had to hang up cuz he would NOT stop. What part of "i can't help you NOW". Look at our record..we have donated..and may again. I try to be good, I should give more I know..but I did buy some of my kids school fundraising stuff.

right now I just need to work on getting a shady spot in hell.


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