Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Some random music stuff..

Bummer.RIP Bigger Lovers:
Having made the decision to split, Philadelphia-based pop/rock act the Bigger Lovers will stage one final performance. Set for Nov. 5 at the city's Indre Studios. The show will include an opening set by New Radiant Storm King, while the $10 admission includes free beer. (free beer!!)

"You know, we've been discussing this for a while, and we all agreed that the band has drawn to its logical conclusion and it's better to put this to bed while we can still remain friends, " says guitarist/singer Bret Tobias, who will be playing drums in another Philadelphia band, B.C. Camplight.

The Biggers Lovers on self-released album and two -- 2002's "Honey in the Hive" and last year's "This Affair Never Happened" -- for Yep Roc Records. Drummer (and sometime Billboard.com contributor) Patrick Berkery will continue with his other gig as drummer for the Pernice Brothers. Meanwhile, guitarist Ed Hogarty plans to reunite with Lefty's Deceiver and bassist Scott Jefferson intends to resurrect the Diane Linkletter Experience.

They are a good pop band. I stumbled upon Honey in the Hive when I was at the River. It was in the "junk bin" but became one of my favorite cds of the year.

Tuesday is new release day for cds and it has the potential of being an expensive week.

Canada's Broken Social Scene follow up to You forgot in People is due, as is the long long awaited Fiona Apple. I am not sure why I am fan, but she just does the trick for me. My Morning Jacket have "Z" coming out and even Franz Ferdinand are due with their sophomore release.

U2 was pretty good..review on that a little later. I got some work to take care of.


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