Saturday, October 8, 2005

Sigur Ros charge $1.00 for concert t-shirts

It sounds kinda silly but this is cool.

sigur rós and the toothfaeries, the creators of their merchandise, are fed up with the extortionate fees they are required to pay to concert venues for selling their t-shirts to fans at the american shows. half of the profit of all merchandise sold at tonight’s show at ‘the joint’ in the hard rock hotel, las vegas, goes to the venue and new taxes. sigur rós have decided to protest against these ridiculous fees by selling their t-shirts for $1 each at tonight’s show in las vegas, leaving the venue with about 50 cents per tshirt.

on the bands site they said that 54% of the sale of the shirt goes to the venue. This was in Vegas only and it as a one shirt per person limit. Still..very cool of them to "stick it to the man".


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