Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A slew of things..

Sorry got a bunch of "randomness today". First, sorry for the late update. I had a meeting at 10am in which I found out I am part of a "re-org". I love how they tell you its a good thing and all that. I am staying to work with most of the people I currently work with but there are one or two people that I won't that I will honestly miss. They make work somewhat tolerable.

I heard the new Depeche Mode song last night...yeeech. Like KK said/says "Its amazing they sold out the Rose Bowl". There was a time and place for them for sure, but this is just getting silly.

I also heard the new song from the Darkness. No stretching here, but man it was great. I love that campy shlock rock.

The new My Morning Jacket is terrific. I hope to get to some of my other new releases this week. I am WAY behind right now.

tv - during the bruins game last night I flipped over to the food network when they were doing "unwrapped". They had on the show (i kid you not) a "Nacho Sauce Expert". I need to see his credentials. Come on..can I get a degree in that?! I wonder how these people do it, and when asked "What do you do for work" do they really say they are an expert? File that under any show on VH1 where they talk to someone about I love the 80's and its says Bob Jones - Comedian. There are a lot of comics on VH1 that do NOTHING else.

Sox lose and so do the Yanks. Networks must be REELING. The best part about the sox not getting far is no freaking Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

film - I completed Friday Night Lights. I really liked it but MAN the soundtrack by Explosions in the Sky made it that much better. A nice surprise was hearing "The New Noise" by Refused used as well.


At Friday, October 14, 2005 7:59:00 AM , Blogger Jenny G said...

Depeche Mode has a new song?! And it sucks? I liked Exciter, but they're past their prime.

Unwrapped has an "expert" for everything on the show. Spam experts, Tasty Kake experts, etc. Unwrapped bothers me; I think it's Mark Summers.


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