Thursday, October 13, 2005


So it looks like iPod is at it again.

I love my ipod. It will be 2 years old later this month. Its amazing how far they have come. the mini is already "gone" replaced by the nano. If I had to replace now its good to know I can really update for less than what i spent. Not sure I need to watch video on a screen that small but I am not sure that I am really the target demo on this roll out.

Completed watching a great Thelonous Monk documentary last night. That is what you can easily call a "mad genius". I have one of his cds but its time to get a "best of". I couldn't sleep so I watched "audition". Its a takashi miike film. he is part of this Japanese shock genre. It was about 1hr and 20 minutes of not a lot then WHAM. I'll have nightmares for weeks. If you are in netflix and want to be a 'buddy' so we can see each other lists fire me a note. Its always fun to see who is watching Legally Blonde 2...again


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