Friday, October 14, 2005

Its raining I need a quick rant..

So I was waiting for something to compile so I decided to head over to craigslist and look at tickets for sale. I have never bought from anyone but I just like to see the begging and the ripping off that goes on there.

Why is it that when a concert is sold out you ALWAYS have someone post something like this:

OMG XXXX is coming to town and i had NO idea. I am the biggest fan EVER. Please if you are a REAL fan you'd help out a REAL fan and not rip me off. XXXXX is the best ever and I never miss them when they come to town.

Messages like that go up one side of me and down the other. If you are even a MODERATE fan you are going to know the band "may" be on tour. Check their web page, listen to the radio or even ask someone if they heard anything. Its not that hard. And this bullshit of "real" fans. Uggh. Stop being 12. How can you define a real fan anyhow? One that has the cds and sees the band live? One that does all that and THEN buys merch? One that does all that AND runs a fan web site? Fans are fans folks. If the music moves you, you are a fan. If it really moves you, you are a "bigger" fan than maybe someone else but stop this crap with "I am a real fan". Just cuz you saw the band in the early days doesn't make you a REAL fan either. You are an early fan of their work.

I just so badly want to respond and say "Boy you are a real fan but do you realize that when you buy tickets from a scalper you are hurting this band you love so much?" Sure its a sold ticket that effects the bottom line but bands make $$ in selling their merchandise NOT in ticketsales. Sure some of that comes in to it all and when you are a superstar act even more so. There is a band I like called Pelican. If you go to their site they ask (nicely) mind you that merch is what keeps gas in the van and them on the road. So get the 10.00 ticket when it goes on sale and drop 20.00 on merch. Don't spend 30.00 to a scalper and not be able to help this band you "love".

I'm done.


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