Thursday, December 15, 2005

March spins the dial....

The other night I was out running some errands, bouncing around the dial when I came upon WBCN. Its one of my pre-sets and it used to be one of the better stations in Boston. So good that when I was going to school for radio it was one of only two stations I applied to for an internship. As of late they have had a lot of turn over and not a lot of direction as to what they want to play. I still wonder who out there hears "Paradise City" and shrieks YESSS THIS IS JUST WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR RIGHT NOW!. I am not dissing the song, band or what have you I just don't get what program directors thing is a good idea to ram down our throats.

So on my bounce around they were doing a sweeper (its those recorded promos you hear between songs) so I sat tight to see what was next. The song was Jesus of Suburbia from the Green Day record American Idiot. It was one of my favorite records from last year. For those of you not familiar w/the track its close to 10 minutes long and it a song in about three various parts. It smokes, it really does. Any song that gets me to air jam all the instruments at their most poignant moment, throw up the devil horns and "sing" a guitar part is GOLD. Now back to the story. As stated the song is a tad over 10 minutes long. Considered by many to be "radio suicide". 3:30 is about as long as you want to go. So as the song started I said "Ohh I wonder when they will stop the tune". As each "part" drew to a close I said "okay here comes the assy DJ being all cool telling me how this song is 10 minutes long and it really rules and to check out the cd. Amazingly...the whole song played through. I drove 200 mph. I threw up the devil horns. I sang Mike Dirnts bass line...all the while saying "holy f**king crap this song rips". As the song ended they went it to some song that I had heard a million times before, but, its name escapes me.

If you think this song sucks I feel bad for you. I know everyone has their own opinions but these same ass hats thing Bo Bice was "robbed".

Paris Hilton has never read my blog?! Reason # 912881888128818812818 and 1 why I dislike her. See what some of the other silly quotes of 2005 were.


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