Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sin City..Finally gettin to it.

I rented Sin City as noted a few posts back and now I have a moment or two to yammer on about it. First if you have seen it check out the trivia off IMDB regarding the lengths the director took to get Frank Miller to allow this project to take off.

Few things I'd like to chat about.

1) If everyone I knew had free time I'd love to start a film discussion group. I loved my history of film classes and loved to analyze films and see something that I never would have guessed or get others takes on it.

2) For the folks that have seen it and didn't like it you just need to look at it from the graphic novel (aka grown up comic book) sense. Its so well done. Sure its confusing at time (see my #1) but as a whole its really great. I call movies like this "reward" movies in that they seem confusing but when you get to the last 1/2 hour of the film (most times) everything comes together and you go AHHHHHH..NOW I GET IT. Films like Memmento, Usual Suspects and Crash all come to mind.

3) A special note to Hollywood and DVD makers. When a DVD is first released after the theater release a bare bones version as in "just the film" and sell it for 7.99 or less. After 90 days or so unload all your silly repackaged, extra scenes, deleted scenes, comes with a piece of the actual film box sets. Sin City has been on DVD for about 2 months and right in time for the holidays they release an expansive 2 DVD set. Its just a shame and sham they do this. They know what footage they have going in so just say to people If you really want just the movie, grab it, otherwise wait a few months and get the expansive pack. Honestly most of the bonus stuff is crap anyhow..A deleted scene was deleted for a reason. Dunno..I am not really making a point here.

4) Overall its a great film and I see there are Sin City 2 and 3 in works. Since the graphic novel has 6+ volumes we can be due for a long run. I just hope the franchise doesn't suffer.


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