Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Super late update..sorry..

Just something to post.

A guy recently started here at my job that has a great passion for music. Over the last few weeks its been "have you heard..check this band out". Its been great because its no macho ego thing like "You mean you have not heard _____." Well I stand corrected we have done that but its never done to make the other person feel inferior. Most of the time its followed with "I'll bring in the cd tomorrow".

So today I just asked "Have you ever heard Slint?". I got the response of "No, but you speak of them highly and I'd be curious". That being said I responded with

Spiderland will be here tomorrow in the mean time read this. Its an awesome review of any record I have ever read. Granted it didn't get me to buy it (I had it when someone told me about it) but after reading it I listened to it probably 10 times in a row. Treat yourself and buy Spiderland today.


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