Thursday, December 1, 2005


First..regarding the "Rules" I did not write those. Wish I did but as KK noted I am not that bright. My dad e-mailed them to me so I figured I'd share.

On to the crap you normally expect.

I am a Netflix Netflix. I love to update my queue and move movies around based off my moods. Its like a competion now when new releases come out. If I mail a DVD from work on a monday and there is new release coming out the next day there is a 90+% chance I will get that release. It worked this week with March of the Penquins AND Murderball. I just wish I could have my apendectomy all over again barring the few days of pain. Just take two weeks off work and watch a slew of movies and not feel guilty cuz I am recovering.

Recently I rented a really stoopid sounding DVD. It was called
Hooligans and Thugs: Soccers Most Violent Fan Fights
You are reading the blog of a guy that has about 50 hours plus of NHL fights on VHS tape so this had just that "i don't need to think to watch this 1hr program". First the film was suggested via Netflix the day I added the movie
Green Street Hooligans to my queue. (it was in theaters for about 1 hour I think?). Anyhow this DVD arrived and I sat down to watch it and I watched. Its no wonder the world is coming to an end. People are morons and crazy. I am all for being passionate about a team but to the point of flying to a city to then just beat up other fans, makes no sense. It was pretty exploitive as well as you'd imagine. I am sure it was once available off a 1-800# in the wee hours. The footage is mostly cam corders and wobbly footage and offers only a hint and the "early days". Check out amazon some time for the books on the subject..its stunning. It was just senseless. Beating the tar out of someone (including repeated kicks to the head???!). There was footage of one fight that had someone killed in the stands and to calm the rest of the masses the game went on. Another doozy was the idea that a "beer garden" would make for a more festive and friendly attitude. Yeah, exactly. The best of all was some brawl in which the police rounded up some 250 "fans" after the game..drove them straight to the airport and put them on a plane. Most didn't go back to the hotels to get bags, passports etc. The single file folks walking through the airport with shirts over their heads to cover up their "innocence".

If you wanna know what your favorite football teams hooligans club name is you can look


At Friday, December 02, 2005 8:23:00 AM , Blogger Kris said...

Ya know, hooligans are lame, but US fans generally are the biggest bunch of slices in history. Watch the next world series, superbowl, and/or playoff game and you will see a bunch of people sitting on thier rumps dead silent.


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