Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Few things..sans all the snow.

We were due for some snow last night but didn't get any. Funny when you are going skiing or in school snow rules. Otherwise its a big hassle.

Not sure what to get the gangster rapper on your holiday wish list.
Check the Scarface Poster out. It uses the entire script to make up the picture. I gotta admit that had to have taken a ton of work..but writing "fuck" over 200 times must have gotten tedious.

I have a slew or records that I wish i could store better. Which leads to me to the belief that someone else was not sure what do with theirs and made some cool bowls out of them. Not sure how a lamp would hold up with the heat..but hey.

Finally if you still are not convinced that buying a Sigur Ros cd or seeing them live in concert is not worth it. Please check out this. Its their show from Iceland with a brass band. Its long of course but just watch for 10 minutes and you'll get it.


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