Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Quick stuff...

Part of the Smiths got back together a few nights ago. Note to NME: this is not news until both Johnny Marr AND Morrisey are there. Name the other two guys in the smiths and you win a prize. (don't look it up).

Sick of radio, ipod battery dead? Check out All you do is add yer fave bands and it creates a play list of "other bands" that are like them. hate em..say it and it will remove from coming up again.

Gad zooks, why do they keep making movies of moderate TV series. Then again what TV series would make a good movie? Closest to being "good" was Beavis and Butthead but it was just an extension of what they already did.Miami Vice is up now and the trailer is at that link if ya really REALLY care.


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