Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Rooo-bee Tuezday

I am pretty sure it was George Carlin that said in a pondering way "try explaining the holocaust to a 6 year old". Last night I was faced with that challenge on some levels. My 6 year old got a series of biographies and one was on Anne Frank. I had looked it over before and I realize its part of history but is it really bedtime reading? We talked about it before hand and I told her to tell me to stop if she had questions or if it got to be too much. We made it. The only question she had was "why did they shave their heads". Now do you say "because they stuffed pillows with it?" Umm no I just said "lice was an issue". Call me a bastard but even I had to draw the line on where to go. I'll let her come to me with more questions, preferably NOT as she is about to go to bed.

I swear I thought this band gave up a while ago ugh now they need to "assure us" they are as strong as ever. Nice (lack of hair) there Freddie.

It appears that Jack White will pen a new song for coke. I swear I read that he said he was a good candidate cuz he drank 6 cans a day. Funny how that works.

It seems like drummers are having bad luck this year. The drummer from Silkworm was killed earlier this year when he was out getting lunch. He car was rear ended by a woman that was trying to kill herself. She lived, the 3 guys in the car she hit, didn't. Then I read this the other day. Very sad. I don't know a thing about them but it just sucks. There is a very cool picture of her in action here

is a funny read AND gross all at once.

Enjoy your day..I know I will try to.


At Tuesday, November 08, 2005 12:09:00 PM , Blogger Jennifer said...

OMG, that's right...your daughter is 6 now, isn't she? how's your boy?


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