Thursday, November 3, 2005

Wow..who around your work place falls under...

.......1 in 31 Americans is either in Jail, on parole, or on probation. That is NUTS!

Yesterday I watched the Theo Epstein press conference. For those of you that might be out of state he is/was the youngest General Manager in Baseball History. He had worked for the Red Sox the last few years and his contract was up on 10/31. He suddenly "resginged" and held the press conference yesterday.

What a freaking waste. He has a career in politics. Talk about NOT answering the questions. He could dance around direct questions better than GWBush or John Kerry. The best was when a reporter asked him that if the reason for him NOT leaving was the money, the responsibility, the freedom etc why was he going. His response "You'll need to find the piece to that puzzle."

It was on every channel and then some here too. I looked to see if Rosa Parks funeral was on tv...nope (at least not at 1pm ET).

Finally re: press conferences, for the love of god MIC THE ROOM! You can hardly hear the questions asked. Is it THAT hard to say "these 4 mics must be used" Drive me mental. This was a planned press conference too (as most are) hang some overhead mics and just get the questions. A simple mixing board can "mute" the mics during the person answering the questions.

Last night I watched the film Midnight Cowboy. I had never seen it. It had won a lot of awards and its biggest distinction is the only film ever to win best picture with an "X" rating. Granted today it would be PG-13 at best. It was a good watch but I'd love to sit and chat with people in a film class or something about what the heck 1/2 of it meant.


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