Friday, October 28, 2005

Short stuff.

I am not sure I'd buy thisbut I can assure you I will rent it. Its going to have the videos in it as well. It got old after a while when it was one but when you see an episode now they are so flippin' funny.

Weekend is here must mean rain again, and possibly snow they say, but Halloween might be "mild and in the low 60's".

This morning I heard MMbop by Hanson when I was bouncing around the dial. There is a station in boston callled "Mike FM" that is supposed to be like an ipod on shuffle. I'll admit more often than not I'll stop on the song playing. Sure its some cheesy old song but everything they play it seems you can sing along to.

Getting back to Hanson, its way out of bounds for me but I am gonna go with it: that is one hell of a catchy pop song. Its perfectly crafted, catchy lyrics and infections groove and just the right length. I am not saying I am gonna run out and buy (or even download the song) but when the producers first heard that song they must have seen the dollar signs. The next time you hear it, give it a shot its really quite good. (there I said it).


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