Monday, October 24, 2005

Other stuff

Seems easy listening (and austin powers man) Burt Bacharach is doing a record with Dr.Dre. Rain drops keep fallin on my head indeed.

OJ Simpson was at a comic and horror convention. Appears he was to make and appearance and sign items. Charging $95.00 per autograph he had less than a dozen people approach him.

The last winner of American Idol, Fantasia Barrino, confessed she is illiterate. She could not read the scripts or contracts placed before her on Idol. Her "memoir" was dictated to a freelance writer. Also Posh Spice is quoted as saying that she has never read a book in her life. Real nice.

Within a few days of Hurricace Katrina there was over 450 web sites w/Katrina in their name. Most were set up as fun raising fraud sites.

Roosevelt vetoed 635 bills in his presidency, Johnson 31, Carter 30, Bush ZERO.

Van Halen has said "No thanks" to a Rock Star INXS like show. Dudes, you'll be playing the local VFWs soon.


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