Friday, October 21, 2005

Mr T and Explosions.

A good Friday funny for you. Mr T wants to give you a new name.


In yesterdays mail I got a great great package. Texas band explosions in the sky is on the label temporary residence. The label decided to do a run of cds in very limited quantities one or 2 times a year. I found out about it just in time and got my order in for the latest batch. The first 3 arrived including cds by The Drift, Eluvium and Explosions in the Sky. The sheet of paper that came with it said that Explosions holed themselves in to a house for 2 weeks to record this record. The mission was to complete one song a day, they were not allowed to go back to the song they had worked on. My hands are trembling as I am about to place this in the cd player. Early next year I get the next 3 cds (one of which is from Mono!) I am not sure you can still order but its a great packages.

Temporary Residence

Around the dial:
On my ride in today I heard "I'm Free" by the Soupdragons. Suddenly it was the early 90's and I was drinking Budweiser from the can looking for a place that sells clove cigarettes.

On Howard Stern earlier they were saying that a guy went to the strip club Scores in NYC and had $240,000 charged to his American Express. After $10,000 was put on the card AMEX called the club every hour to make sure the sales were legit and they had the "buyer" on the phone saying it was fine. He had to fax them his finger prints (how do you do that in a strip club) and his drivers license. He kept on going and AMEX paid the Club. Now this high roller that just closed some billion dollar deal on Wall Street is saying he didn't authorize the charges and he told his wife that the card was stolen. Here is a link if ya care:


On the Page:
I completed Lunar Park. Still not sure what I think. I need to join a book club, or go read some on line reviews.

More rain. They said 1-3 inches. After 10+days of it you think 1-3 phases us?
I am headed to Death Cab For Cutie in Providence on Saturday night as well. There is a band called Stars opening that I want to see. Good news is that its an early show so I can be home at about 10:30. Review per the norm next week.


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