Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am so lame..

Well the ipod turns a whopping 2 today. That is a big deal is it not? 40G with over 6500 tunes on it. I have made the promise that I'd update it with some fresh tunes today and that is just what I am doing.

On the list to transfer:
Two Mitch Hedberg comedy cds (rip mitch)
Fiona Apple, Broken Social Scene, My Morning Jacket, the oxes ep, Coheed and Cambria, Kinski and one if not two Acid Mothers Temple cds. The ipod is getting its charge on as I type so it will be ready to take on board more awesomeness.

Also on the docket is transferring down some of the live shows I have taped from DAT down to CDR. I am doing the Arcade Fire from February (finally) and I have to do U2 night 2. I will see how motivated I am come lunch I guess.

I am in the midst of a cd trade as well. I need my cpu to stop being such a baby and rip the cds without errors. I have no idea why the EAC and all that jazz is not working. It rips fine sometimes others it hates.

most of this makes zero sense to the few people that read this blog so I'll just stop.

3 more chapters to go on Lunar Park and either it took a nosedive or it became awesome. I need to ride this out I think.


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