Friday, November 4, 2005

Bunch a' crap...

Yesterday I took at walk during lunch. Tossed on the ipod and I got my sweat on for 30 minutes or so. I passed a sign that got me to thinking. The sign was this long "No Tresspassing" type sign and at the end it just read "Police Take Notice". I had a Seinfeld moment. There is so many routes you can take here.

Police take notice of what?
After they take notice what do they do?
Aren't police supposed to "notice" stuff anyway?

There must be a law suit in there somewhere. I think I will take that and my case against the Mass Lottery for their Mass Millions lottery only having a jackpot of 500,000. Who is with me?!

Can anyone tell me what happened to Diet Coke with Lemon?

I have a few things on ebay that end on Monday. I check it every hour to see how much money I will get. I hate "watchers". bid please..just bid. Its a 99 cent cd..just freaking BID!

also welcome a good buddimto the blog world. Link has been added so you can always get to it. He is better w/the pen (or is it keyboard) than I.


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